Delaware won’t have high school fall sports this fall

There won’t be school-based high school athletics in Delaware this fall.

The state’s Board of Education voted 5-2 to allow a change in regulation that pushes the start of high school athletics until at least December.

As things stand now, the high school sports schedule will be played starting with the traditional winter season followed by fall and then spring sports.

An online parents group has started a petition that has at least 4,300 signatures asking that fall sports be played during the fall months. Some parents expressed concern about their children’s mental health, citing a raise in teenage suicides since March.

Dr. Bradley Layfield, the chairperson of the DIAA board of directors, said that the state’s superintendents have asked that the priority right now be placed on restarting academics due to issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Two of the voting board of education voters felt that student-athletes would be better off — mentally and physically — by being allowed to play sports this fall. The other five members, though, thought that delaying sports was the right thing to do at the moment.

A total of 37 states have either delayed or postponed high school fall sports because of the pandemic.

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