Duron Harmon says he won’t attend White House celebration

Caesar Rodney High graduate and New England Patriot Duron Harmon celebrates with head coach Bill Belichick during the second half of Sunday night’s Super Bowl in Atlanta for his third championship title. (Associated Press/Patrick Semansky)

Caesar Rodney High graduate, Magnolia native and New England Patriot Duron Harmon Mr. Harmon caused a stir on Monday after telling TMZ Sports that he won’t be participating in the traditional visit to the White House.

He said he didn’t plan to go because “they don’t want me in the White House.” The Patriots’ safety added that it would be “dope” if he could do what the 2018 NBA champion team, Golden State Warriors, did — visit former president Barack Obama to celebrate their victory. “Hey, Obama,” Harmon told TMZ.

“Come holler at me, man. We love you over here.” Mr. Harmon also did not attend the 2017 ceremony.

The Patriots won 13-3 for this third Super Bowl title. The backup came into the game in the later stages and made two critical defensive plays, leading to the victory.


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