FSMA hires Young as football coach

CLAYTON — Jorge Young feels like he’s always been around football.

His older brother, Jamil, starred at both Woodbridge and Sussex Central High before playing in college at Northeastern.

The sport became a big part of his life.

“All I grew up with was football, football, football,” said Young. “Once I was done playing, I knew I had to be around football.”

Coaching football, naturally, was the next logical step for the 29-year-old Woodbridge grad.

So Young is pretty excited to be the new head coach at First State Military Academy in Clayton. He replaces Blair Newman, who was the Bulldogs’ head coach through their first four seasons.

“I wanted the opportunity to really challenge myself,” said Young. “I knew it was a program that’s just getting started. I feel like it has an opportunity to really grow into a good program one day.”

A fullback/middle linebacker at Woodbridge, Young played fullback/tight end at Morgan State, where he finished his career in 2013. He also spent a year coaching with the Golden Bears.

Young then spent four seasons as the line coach at Mergenthaler Vo-Tech, which won three Baltimore city titles in that span. He returned to Woodbridge as an assistant coach last year.

FSMA improved its record each year in its first three varsity seasons, going from 0-9 to 4-5 last fall.

Young understands the challenges of coaching at a charter school, where there’s no feeder system to rely on. He’s also glad that he’ll still have Newman as a resource.

Newman is still FSMA’s athletic director while moving up in the administration.

“He’s been my lifeline through all of this just to understand what I have in the building and what I have returning,” said Young, who will be a PE/health teacher at the school. “It’s going to be good having him. That’s always a plus.”

The Bulldogs are expected to have as many as 24 returning players in the fall. Of course, right now, Young can only communicate with his team online.

But he’s trying to lay the groundwork for what they can expect from him.

“I just want to build a relationship with the kids and get the kids to trust me,” he said. “I want to let them know who I am and what I stand for and the expectations I have for them in the classroom as well as on the field.

“I’m all about development. Of course you’re going to take the kids that you get and develop them. But I’m also going to try to get the school out there a little bit. I’ll be at a lot of Pop Warner games, getting my face known and the school’s brand known. I’ll try to get kids interested and go from there.”