Lake Forest four-sport athlete likes keeping busy

Hailey Moore, left, will be going to Newberry College in South Carolina on a field hockey scholarship in the fall. (File photo)

FELTON — Sitting still isn’t something that Hailey Moore is great at.

So the current shutdown hasn’t been easy for the Lake Forest High senior.

“I’ve been very antsy,” said the 17-year-old.

The fact is, in the normal world, it’s difficult to find a time when Moore isn’t really busy.

Not only is she a three-sport athlete for the Spartans — field hockey, swimming and lacrosse — but probably her most time-consuming sport is figure skating.

And the fact that the Greenwood resident keeps up with those sports, plus a hectic volunteer/extra-curricular activity schedule, and still maintains a 4.0 GPA is rather remarkable.

Sure, said Moore, sometimes her friends ask her how she has time for it all.

“But a lot of my friends do the same thing,” she said. “I just don’t like sitting around. I like being active and out there and getting things done.”

Moore skates for the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club. (Submitted photo)

If Moore missed a field hockey practice during the season, it was probably because she was taking a test for figure skating.

“And she does it all well,” Lake Forest field hockey coach Michele Tucker said about Moore’s many activities. “We want well-rounded athletes. We support her love of ice skating along with everything else that she does. I know that she’s driven.

“In today’s world, you can hear kind of negative comments about young kids and their lack of a work ethic,” Tucker added. “She has a tremendous work ethic. She wants to do well.”

If Moore had to pick only one sport, it might be a tough choice between ice skating and field hockey. She’s been skating since she was little but she’s going to NCAA Division II Newberry College (S.C.) on a field hockey scholarship in the fall.

Moore actually only started playing field hockey when she was in eighth grade. The next thing she knew, Moore was playing with the Delaware Shore travel program.

“It was a lot different,” she said about playing field hockey. “I liked being part of a team and all the connections I’ve made from hockey. And I like being part of travel because I got to meet a lot more people from different schools in Delaware.”

A midfielder, Tucker said Moore was a really strong defender in some big situations for the Spartans, who went 12-4-1 and reached the DIAA Division II state semifinals in the fall. Moore was one of the team captains and a second-team All-Henlopen South selection.

“She puts forth as much in a practice as she does in the game,” said Tucker. “As a coach, that’s extremely important because you want to practice like you play.

“She was a team leader. She was somebody that the girls would go to that she could come to me and tell me what was going on.”

But ice skating was Moore’s first sport. She was only four when her grandmother started taking her skating at Harrington’s Centre Ice Rink.

“I loved it ever since,” said Moore.

Moore was good enough when she was about nine that she traveled to California for a national competition. She skates for the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club.

Recently, Moore passed her junior freestyle test to be eligible to compete in that age group. She says she’d like to get to the rink to skate four times a week but sometimes it’s as few as two times because of her schedule.

During the school year, Moore often doesn’t get to the rink until following her after-school sports practices.

When she was younger, Moore dreamed of being a professional skater. She knows only a small group of people get to make money from skating, though.

Moore also realizes that because of the availability of rinks — as well as the cost — it’s a difficult sport to keep up with. She does teach youngsters at the Centre Ice rink and thinks she might like to coach some day.

“I still love skating,” said Moore. “Since skating is so competitive and you can’t really get scholarships for school for it, I ended up choosing hockey for college. (But) I love them both a lot.”

Moore did do some research to find that the nearest rink to Newberry is only about 30 minutes away.

“I haven’t checked out the rink yet,” she said. “But, if they do offer skating, I might try to do it in the spring a little bit. When I come home I’ll definitely skate at Harrington when I get the chance.”