Local Auto Racing: ‘The Rocket’ roars to first win of season

DELMAR — Delaware International Speedway hosted the $3,000 Late Models vs. Big Block Modifieds on Saturday night and track conditions were perfect for the full-bodied Late Model cars.

Taking the cash with his first victory of the season was Seaford’s Ricky “the Rocket” Elliott.

With five laps to go, Donald Lingo, Jr. had caught Elliott. Elliott, though, moved to the top and found just enough moisture to open back up his lead in the closing laps for the win.

“It was definitely our (late models) kind of track tonight,” said Elliott. “If it had been heavy it would have favored the modifieds. Last week when they were towing me off, fans were waving bye. Tonight I just want to wave and say, ‘Hi.’”

A season-high field of 22 AC Delco 602 Sportsman took the green for the 15-lap feature.

Several multi-car tangles kept the field tightly packed. With five to go, Jordn Justice began to turn up the heat on leader Devin Dodson, pulling even on a couple of occasions.

The final yellow flew with just three laps to go. Dodson controlled the restart but overdrove the third turn slightly, opening the bottom to Justice.

It was a drag race to the finish with Dodson posting his second win of the year by just a bumper over Justice.

In the Crate Model feature, 2015 Rookie of the Year, Charles Shawver, took the point at the drop of the green. But Robbie Walls, Jr. was challenging Shawver for the lead at halfway.

Walls made a smooth, low-side pass to take the green one lap later and held off Shawver the rest of the distance to collect his first checkered of the season.

In the Mod Lite 15-lap feature, James Hill started eighth but grabbed the lead from Ryan Dryden at the halfway sign. Hill then pulled away to his fourth consecutive win of the season.

In the 12-lap Vintage Stock Car feature, once out front, Mark Williams would not be seriously challenged.

Parks takes Top Eliminator

Ben Parks of Salisbury, Md. was on his game when he took the win in the final round of Top Eliminator Friday night at U.S. 13 Dragway.

With the win, Parks moved into the points lead for the division.

Ben Garnett of Smyrna drove his beautiful ’71 Maverick to the win in Mod and Deltez Davis of Salisbury rode to the win in Pro Bike.

Other winners on the night included Fred Neidlinger of Milford in Street; Sara Davis of Laurel in Hot Rod; Caitlyn Hooper of Hurlock, Md. in Jr. Dragster 1 and Alexis Truitt of Parsonsburg, Md. in Jr. Dragster 2.

It was Parks taking on Bill Groton in the Top Eliminator final. The pair were even at the start but Groton was too quick and broke out by nine one-thousandths with a 10.131 on a 10.14 dial-in. Parks had been on his dial all night and took the win with a 7.868/165.16 on a 7.86 dial.

In the Mod final, it was Garnett taking on Chelsea Williams in her ’67 Camaro. Williams had a -.001 red light foul and Garnett made a full pass at 9.129/145.77 on a 9.15 dial.

Bad 8 show draws crowd

Jerry Ketterman’s Super Bad 8 show had to be rescheduled to Sunday due to last week’s rain with 111 Top Eliminator cars on hand plus strong turnouts in all other classes.

The big winners on the day were: David Whitesell of Glen Burnie, Md. winning in Top Eliminator; Steven Boone of Ingleside, Md. taking the Bad 8 Open Wheel final and Charles Redd of Rosedale, Md. capturing the Bad 8 Full Body final.

Other winners on the day included: Tim Foskey, Jr. of Rhodesdale, Md. in Mod; Harvey Powell of Felton in Pro Bike; James Farmer, Jr. of Milford in Street; Brenda Layton of Laurel in Hot Rod; Carter Foskey of Rhodesdale in Jr. Dragster 1; Morgan Larkin of Salisbury, Md. in Jr. Dragster 2 and Angelina Battaglia of Elkton, Md. in Jr. Street.

In the Super Bad 8 finals run at the eighth-mile, it was Boone over Brian Kunkowski in the Open Wheel final. Kunkowski had a .004 reaction time but was too quick and broke out running a 5.767/175.60 on a 7.78 dial. Boone had a .026 light but stayed within his dial for the win running a 6.164/162.01 on a 6.15.

In the Full Body final it was Redd in his ’68 Camaro over Johnnie Rogers, Jr. in a Pontiac. Rogers, Jr. had a red light foul and Redd ran a 6.055/176.64 on a 6.00 dial for the victory. Each Bad 8 winner received $1,400 for their wins.

The Top Eliminator final round drivers shared $6,250. Whitesell in his Chevy S-10 truck was matched against weekly racer, Daryl Beauchamp of Princess Anne, Md. in his Z28 Camaro. Whitesell took the win with a .006 reaction light and a 7.813/131.98 on a 7.80 dial. Beauchamp was too quick and broke out with an 8.153/122.76 on an 8.16 dial.

Late Model/Modified Shootout (Late Model “LM”): 1. Ricky Elliott (LM); 2. Donald Lingo, Jr. (LM); 3. Nick Davis (LM); 4. Dylan Evans (LM); 5. Dave Dissinger; 6. Beau Wilkins; 7. Carson Wright; 8. Howard O’Neal; 9. H.J. Bunting; 10. Brad Trice; 11. Drew Simmons; 12. Scott VanGorder; 13. Kyle Fuller; 14. Amanda Whaley (LM); 15. Matt Hawkins; 16. Bobby Watkins; 17. Brandon Watkins; 18. Kellie Lewis (LM); 19. Michael White.

AC Delco 602 Sportsmen: 1. Devin Dodson; 2. Jordn Justice; 3. Kevin Sockriter; 4. Dwayne Crockett; 5. Westley Smith; 6. Brian Hitz; 7. Herman Powell; 8. Andy Hammond; 9. David Jenkins; 10. Ryan Riddle; 11. Trevor Collins; 12. Matt Smith; 13. Trent VanVorst; 14. Freddy Massey; 15. Robert Riley, III; 16. Trey Hicks; 17. Gary Langenstein; 18. Garrie Bostwick; 19. Adam White; 20. Nick Alberti; 21. Ryan Mortimer; 22. Jeff Marker.

Crate Model: 1. Robbie Walls, Jr.; 2. Charles Shawver; 3. Sparky White; 4. Tyler Reed; 5. Zac Weller 6. Wes Clifton; 7. Jason Dean; 8. Richard Harden; 9. Mike Wilson; 10. Derek Magee; 11. Steven Baker.

Mod Lite: 1. James Hill; 2. Ryan Dryden; 3. Brandon Dennis; 4. Nick Sapp; 5. Tim White; 6. Jason Musser; 7. Jake Nelson; 8. Aaron VanVorst; 9. Kirk Miles, Sr.; 10. James Wood; 11. Curt Miles, Jr.; 12. Harry Mears; 13. Nick Nash; 14. John Calhoun.

Vintage Stock Car: 1. Mark Williams; 2. C. J. Schirmer; 3. Vic Thomas (1st Sportsman); 4. Todd Miller; 5. Dave Schamp; 6. Don Davidson; 7. Dalton Strohl; 8. Dwayne Heck; 9. Chris Loveland; 10. Josh Smith.

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