NCAA OKs spring national playoff for FCS football

A spring football season may be very different than Delaware State and Delaware have had before.

But it will still have the possibility of national playoffs waiting at the end of it.

The NCAA Division I Council voted on Wednesday to hold an FCS tournament this year which will run from April 18 through May 15.

The tourney field will be cut from 24 to 16 teams.

The council also allowed for eight regular-season games with the last one being played no later than April 17.

Programs will be permitted to practice in the fall, between Sept. 21 and Dec. 31. Teams can practice no more than 12 hours a week and four hours per day.

Before taking part in fall practice, schools must declare their first contest date. If practice must be paused due to the impact of COVID-19 on the team, missed days may be used later in the window.

Fall ball and the preseason practice period must be separated by at least 30 days of noncontact activities, which must include two weeks of discretionary student-athlete time.

Conference championship games can be added, and the potential for bowl games in the spring also remains. Conferences can start and end their seasons at their discretion, within the limits adopted by the Council.