Pigskin Picks

After 11 weeks of football, only three Henlopen Conference teams, plus Wesley at the collegiate level, are still playing this weekend.

Here’s our predictions for the playoff games involving local teams.

Andy Walter, Delaware State News: 87-37

Tim Mastro, Delaware State News: 89-35

Ben Heck, Milford Chronicle: 85-39

Glenn Frazer, Delaware Radio 105.9: 86-38

Matt Pencek, WBOC-TV: 88-36

Tonight’s game

Delmar (10-1) at A.I. DuPont (10-1), 7 p.m.

Wildcats face another long road trip but their reward for a win is a trip to Div. II state finals.              

AW: Delmar, 33-21; TM: Delmar, 35-21; BH: Delmar, 31-24; GF: Delmar, 31-20; MP: Delmar, 35-14.

Saturday’s games

Milford (8-3) vs. Wilm. Friends (9-1) at St. Mark’s, 2 p.m.

Bucs get their chance to avenge last year’s gut-wrenching 8-7 tourney loss to Quakers.       

AW: Milford, 24-21; TM: Milford, 21-7; BH: Milford, 21-18; GF: Milford, 17-13; MP: Friends, 20-14.

Hodgson (9-2) at Smyrna (8-2), 7 p.m.

Only Hodgson stands between Smyrna and a third-straight trip to the Div. I state finals.       

AW: Smyrna, 42-22; TM: Smyrna, 49-23; BH: Smyrna, 34-28; GF: Smyrna, 30-16; MP: Smyrna, 48-21.


Wesley (10-1) at Brockport State (11-0), noon

Wesley will have to be at its best to reach the third round of the NCAA Division III playoffs.

AW: Brock, 35-28; TM: Brock, 30-27; BH: Wesley, 27-24; GF: Brock, 44-41; MP: Wesley, 42-35.


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