Who do you think is the best downstate boys’ basketball team of all time?

Since many of us seem to have extra time on our hands these days, and since sports fans really seem to like debating who’s the best at something, we thought we’d try out a new feature.

Let’s debate the best all-time downstate athletes, teams, coaches, etc. in various categories.

We’ll give you a category every week. Then you, the reader, can write in and tell us who — and why — you think somebody was the best. You can either post your comments at the bottom of the online version of this story (Delawarestatenews.net), find us on Twitter (@DSNsports) or Facebook (Delaware State News) or email us at sports@newszap.com.

On Sunday, we’ll then continue the discussion on that category with your thoughts on it.

Since the DIAA boys’ basketball state championship game didn’t get played this year, let’s start with, ‘Who do you think is the best downstate boys’ basketball team of all time?’

And we’re talking about teams in just one particular season. So, for example, while Dover has been really good over the past two years as a whole, you’ll have to decide who was better, the 2018-19 Senators or the 2019-20 Senators?

Do you think only teams that won state championships should be considered?

If so, the list of potential all-time-best downstate squads would be limited to Smyrna (2017), Seaford (1997), Caesar Rodney (1984), Indian River (1981), Indian River (1980), Cape Henlopen (1976), Cape Henlopen (1975) or Milford (1971).

On the other hand, there were plenty of great downstate teams that lost to even-better upstate squads in the state finals. The great thing about boys’ basketball is that so many different downstate schools have reached at least the state semifinals.

A total of 12 different Henlopen Conference schools have played in state championship games.

Then again, there’s only been an official state tournament in Delaware since 1967. Are there any great downstate squads before then that deserve to be considered?

So let’s start the debate. You have until Friday at 5 p.m. to post your opinions.

And we’d also like to hear your thoughts on other categories we can talk about next.

Sports editor Andy Walter can be reached at 741-8227 or walter@newszap.com.