Commentary: Delaware first no-kill state for shelter animals

Best Friends Animal Society announced at its annual conference that Delaware has the distinction of becoming the first “no-kill” state in the country. Best Friends Animal Society is a national organization that combines advocacy, education, funding, collaboration and direct life-saving programs focused on their mission to “Save Them All.” The recognition resulted from a national […]

Speak Out: No-kill not celebrated

Readers reacted to a recent letter by Teresa Chagrin, Animal Care and Control Issues Manager, with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), headlined “‘No-kill’ state nothing to be celebrated.” •“No-kill” sounds appealing, but such policies often result in “no help” for animals who need it most. When “no-kill” facilities fill up — as […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘No-kill’ state nothing to be celebrated

The announcement that Delaware is a “no-kill” state isn’t the cause for celebration that it may appear to be. Delaware’s sheltering system, if you can call it that, has gone downhill at breakneck speed in recent years, leaving animals off of euthanasia statistics but suffering and dying on the streets instead. Because of fanatical pressure […]

Letter to the Editor: Reconsider no-dogs regulation

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Division of Public Health (DPH), has recently started paying increased attention to an existing state regulation that bars dogs from restaurants, including outdoor seating areas. The Delaware Food Code (Chapter 6, Section 501.115) prohibits pets, except for service animals, in food establishments. In a recent e-mailed […]

Commentary: Encouraging responsible dog ownershp

Delaware is a pet-friendly state and we encourage pet ownership. That’s why making sure your pet is a match for your lifestyle, level of activity, work schedule and living situation is so important. Small, gentle dogs are well suited for apartment, townhouse or condo living, while larger dogs often need homes with expansive enclosed yards. […]

Animals get new home: 3 Palms Zoo moves to larger, better location

TOWNSEND — They’ve accepted the spacious new habitat well, all things considered. Pigs — Miniature, Guinea and regular sized — have a new home, along with their flying squirrel and peacock neighbors. Joining them are ducks, giant tortoises, llamas, pheasants, sheep, snakes, chickens, goats, an emu and more. A donkey is penned up with owl, […]

Letter to the Editor: Take care of pets in hot weather

As the weather gets warmer, please consider leaving your animals at home. It does not take long for it to get entirely too hot in a car for an animal. One of my customers said it best, “How would you like to be sitting in a car in this heat with the windows only open […]

Speak Out: Protecting dogs

Legislation approved by the Senate Tuesday would outlaw dog owners from keeping their canines outside and unattended during hazardous weather. Intended to protect dogs, the bill, which passed 15-4 with two senators absent, would establish civil penalties for violations. • Love this!! But by the third offense, the animal should have been taken away from […]

Scenic Delaware: Oh deer

Christie Cole of Harrington took this photo of a doe in Harrington field on Feb. 3.

Scenic Delaware: Horsin’ around

Gary Knox of Dover took this photo on Yoder Drive in Dover on Jan. 20.

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