Scenic Delaware: Ships passing in the day

David Clendaniel of Magnolia took this photo of two Cape May-Lewes ferries at Point Beach on June 27.

Scenic Delaware: Horseshoe crabs

Kestrel McCliment took this photo of horseshoe crabs at Pickering Beach on June 18.

Have a blast on Fourth of July

As the nation celebrates another birthday next week, Delawareans are always up for a party and the state’s towns and cities are ready to oblige. As has been a tradition for many years, the capital city of Dover will put on perhaps the biggest party around. The evening’s festivities start at 5 p.m. with free […]

Scenic Delaware: Moon over South Bowers

Brad Richardson of Dover took this photo at South Bowers Beach on May 18.

Scenic Delaware: On Silver Lake

ScenPatricia Sterling of Wyoming took this photo on Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach on May 10.

Scenic Delaware: Bowers Beach

Edward Sidel of Dover took this picture at Bowers Beach on May 10.

Letter to the Editor: Dogs on beaches

The summer months are now upon us, and, for many locals, this means that it is time to enjoy the lesser-known beaches of the state. Beaches such as Kitts Hummock and Bowers, among many others, create a quieter, more accessible, and less crowded place for locals. Due to their less crowded nature, these beaches are […]

Commentary: Don’t drink and boat on Delaware waterways

For a safer Memorial Day holiday weekend, DNREC Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police remind boaters that drinking and boating don’t mix. Boat operators who have consumed alcohol put themselves, their passengers, and other boaters in Delaware waters at risk, and boat operators found with blood alcohol levels of .08 or higher will face charges […]

Scenic Delaware: Clouds over the boardwalk

Patricia Sterling of Wyoming took this photo on the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk on March 9.

Scenic Delaware: Sunset on the ferry

Susan Giordano of Lewes took this photo of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry at sunset on April 10.