Letter to the Editor: Unrealistic objections to offshore wind turbines

David T. Stevenson’s letter of Nov. 8 mostly dismissed the Nov. 3 letter by Joanne Cabry that challenged Stevenson’s Oct. 28 DSN Commentary entitled “Beach view under threat” from the offshore Skipjack wind farm project. I read all three pieces and I think Cabry had a good rebuttal to Stevenson. Stevenson claimed to be “…opposed […]

Scenic Delaware: Peaceful scene

Jim Rafferty of Dover took this photo at Woodland Beach on Aug. 4.

Scenic Delaware: Sunrise at Bowers Beach

Lida Gannon took this photo at sunrise on Bowers Beach on Aug. 3.

Scenic Delaware: A day at the beach

Linda Deaton of Dover took this photo from the north span of the Indian River Inlet Bridge on Aug. 24.

Scenic Delaware: Gordons Pond

Paula Werme took this photo at Gordons Pond at Cape Henlopen State Park earlier this month.

Scenic Delaware: Woodland Beach

Brianna Stuckey took this photo at Woodland Beach on Aug. 8.

Scenic Delaware: Before sunset

Patricia Sterling of Wyoming took this photo just before sunset at the Indian River Inlet Bridge on July 10.

Commentary: Resort business and tourism a plus or a minus?

There is no denying that being a tremendously popular destination can create both a plus and a minus for everyone from the resident, to the visitor, to the business and their employees. The resort area of Dewey and Rehoboth, and several surrounding locations, have seen increased visitation for decades. The most noticeable changes include the […]

Scenic Delaware: The Point

Stephanie Seeman of Dover took this photo of The Point at Cape Henlopen on June 27.

Scenic Delaware: On Pickering Beach

Brad Richardson of Dover took this photo at Pickering Beach on May 18.