Letter to the Editor: Speech teletherapy benefits children, free resources available

“Learning curve: Parents grapple with realities of remote schooling” (May 31) gave a perfect illustration of what parents of young children have had to deal with the last 11 weeks. Whoever thought that pandemic-linked home schooling via computer would ever happen? Now, it almost seems the norm. Hopefully, this will be the last time in […]

Dover woman helping parents of kids with Down syndrome

DOVER — Gail Hamblin never really thought of herself as an advocate until a friend pointed it out last year. “I never thought of myself that way until someone told me,” she said. But being an advocate had been somewhat of a conscious decision for Mrs. Hamblin, a mother of three from Dover. She recalled […]

Commentary: Children are the future, and they deserve a future

By Peter E. Carter “I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside…” and so begins a song written by Linda Creed and Michael Masser entitled “Greatest Love of All.” What about the children in this time of coronavirus and […]

Parenting during a pandemic

Whether we were ready or not, parents, children, and in some cases, extended family are in hiding during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re all seeking answers. Not only are we wondering when all this will end, and what it will do to us, but many of us are wondering what effect prolonged social isolation will […]

Commentary: Support available for Delaware families to stay healthy

By Josette Manning During the COVID-19 crisis, our public health mandate to flatten the curve of this disease could not be clearer: Stay home, physically distance ourselves from others and avoid trips that are not essential. However, what happens when ‘staying home’ is the most difficult thing you can possibly do? What happens when ‘staying […]

Data Book highlights importance of counting kids in 2020 census

NEWARK — All kids count, they really do. To secure all available federal funding in the future, Delaware needs to make sure they’re all accounted for. That’s why it’s so important that the 2020 census accurately portrays how many children reside in the First State. Thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Annie E. Casey […]

First Chance initiative aims to help children

DOVER — State officials on Thursday announced an initiative to foster cooperation between government agencies, nonprofits and businesses to help children. First Chance Delaware, as the effort is known, will be led by Tracey Quillen Carney, the wife of Gov. John Carney. It will focus on combating childhood hunger, helping children learn and providing more […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware playing a ‘dangerous game’ with state’s children

The state of Delaware, its governor, its legislators, its Department of Education, and the media, are playing a deadly game with our children. In the name of “anti-bullying,” the school system has been sold a cure worse than the disease, much worse. It is not enough to ask children to be kind to others and […]

Delaware needs to invest in state’s children

If your household suddenly got a windfall, would you sock it away under the mattress or would you look for ways to invest the money so that it could continue to provide benefits into the future? Delaware is fortunate to have a one-time surplus of approximately $50 million. How can we best invest that money […]

COMMENTARY: A proposal to improve the lives of Delaware’s at-risk children

Delaware has underinvested in its children, particularly those who grow up at or near the poverty line. We know that there are programs that we as a state can pursue to help these kids, because they are programs that have worked in other places and sometimes even here in Delaware. But we have not pursued […]