Building Bridges: Lewes woman declares ‘enough is enough,’ advocates for racial justice

LEWES — Charlotte King, chairwoman of the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice, has always noticed the ways racism affected her life as a Black woman. “I was always aware of it. There were enough microaggressions, some of which I just absorbed, which certainly didn’t add to my feelings of worth,” the 82-year-old Lewes woman […]

Trump lashes out at NASCAR, Bubba Wallace over flag, rope

WASHINGTON – NASCAR’s layered relationship with President Donald Trump took a sharp turn Monday when Trump blasted the series for banning the Confederate flag and wrongly accused the sport’s only full-time Black driver of perpetrating “a hoax” when a crew member found a noose in the team garage stall. Trump suggested Bubba Wallace should apologize […]

Commentary: Why ‘Black lives matter’ should matter to you too

By Peter E. Carter Lest you start making assumptions, let me reiterate from an earlier Commentary that I remain an advocate for kinder and gentler. What we have here though is a national and somewhat local movement to call attention to what has been an American reality for at least a century. By the word […]

Commentary: Freedom is link between history’s path and judgment

By Dr. Samuel B. Hoff The sudden changes in our political culture which have emanated from recent events have cast a harsh light on many of our revered historical figures, including those who helped to make July Fourth the meaningful day it is. This article examines how this came about, what actions have been taken […]

Redskins to have ‘thorough review’ of name amid race debate

WASHINGTON — The Washington Redskins began a “thorough review” of their name Friday, a significant step toward moving on from what experts and advocates call a “dictionary-defined racial slur.” Even though owner Dan Snyder had shown no willingness to change the name since buying the team in 1999, the recent national conversation on race has […]

Letter to the Editor: Has slavery really been abolished?

Attorney General Kathy Jennings: Instead of turning our Department of Justice into a branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, why not strive to abolish slavery once and for all? The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution doesn’t abolish slavery; it codifies it. The 13th Amendment: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for […]

Building Bridges: Smyrna High student starts Black Student Union

SMYRNA — When Elise Sampson came into high school in 2018 with the goal of starting a Black Student Union, her motivation came from a place of love. “I definitely saw a racial divide amongst peers that wouldn’t be present to most people’s eye,” she said. “I thought that a BSU could really clear up […]

Delaware officials to study racial diversity in state contracts

DOVER — Some officials believe minority-owned companies are not receiving their fair share of business from the state. That’s why this year’s capital bond bill contains half a million dollars to study racial inequities in the state’s procurement process. “To build a level playing field, you have to dig deep,” Sen. Bryan Townsend, D-Newark, said. […]

Commentary: Delaware legislators back measures against discrimination

We, the undersigned, submit this open letter as elected Delaware legislators who have been appalled by police actions of the last few weeks. We have been equally appalled by the attempt to shift focus to “looters,” seemingly to distract attention from the cry of racism and Black disenfranchisement. The recent events surrounding and following the […]

Building Bridges: Moore says Dr. King’s mantra still relevant today

This is the first in a series that profiles residents from around Delaware who are working to build bridges in the community by advocating for social justice, furthering racial equality, working toward reform policies and educating the public on the Black Lives Matter movement and other critical issues. DOVER — The current conversation around racial […]