Letter to the Editor: Learn about the U.S. Constitution

Under the current political climate, the U.S. Constitution and its meaning have been debated and dissected by nearly every political pundit on the airwaves and in the press — and often incorrectly in cyberspace. The emoluments clause, pardons, power of the purse, impeachment, eminent domain, the 25th Amendment — all of these issues have been […]

COMMENTARY: Presidential power and the Constitution – Back to future?

The challenges which the Donald Trump administration presents to the rule of law as it pertains to presidential power are not new; they are the cumulative product of American history, congressional acquiescence, emergencies, and executive aggrandizement. However, there are hazards facing our political system when the pendulum swings too far toward the president relative to […]

What is the current state of the First Amendment?

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines and deadlines … *** Name one right the First Amendment guarantees … Hopefully, you did better than many of the respondents in the recent Freedom Forum Institutes’s “State of the First Amendment” survey. Would you believe 40 percent of more than 1,000 people surveyed couldn’t come up […]

COMMENTARY: Recognizing the constitutional imperative

The U.S. Constitution’s flexibility and adaptability is demonstrated by its record and resilience. However, extra or non-constitutional policies and procedures threaten the respect afforded to the venerable document and the rule of law it represents. For instance, some current laws masquerade as legitimate authority for presidential action, while others from decades past are used to […]