Leo Strine stepping down later this year

DOVER — Chief Justice Leo Strine plans to step down from the bench by the end of October, the state announced Monday. Chief Justice Strine, who has led the judiciary since February 2014, previously spent 16 years on the Court of Chancery, including three years as chancellor. He is the eighth chief justice in the […]

Dover woman indicted in 2017 death of child

DOVER — A Dover woman was indicted this week on a criminally negligent homicide count regarding the 2017 death of a child, according to Kent County Superior Court documents. Chanel E. Green was also indicted for allegedly endangering the welfare of a child due to the father’s previous no contact order with the child and […]

Letter to the Editor: This could be huge

Pray that the attorneys suing drug makers and distributors win billions of dollars, to send a very clear message. You killed thousands of our children, and we will not stand silent! Although 13 companies were initially listed as defendants, pre-trial settlements (with details in many cases “swept under the carpet” by confidentiality agreements) now left […]

Supreme Court upholds Indiana abortion law on fetal remains

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld an Indiana law that requires abortion providers to dispose of aborted fetuses in the same way as human remains, a sign that the conservative court is more open to abortion restrictions. But the justices rejected the state’s appeal of a lower court ruling blocking a separate provision […]

Commentary: Let’s address recidivism realistically

Attorney General Kathy Jennings suggested that reforms in our justice system addressing current laws, stack charging and the sentencing guidelines would improve our recidivism rate. However, addressing our mass probation system would improve our recidivism more quickly and more dramatically than any other choice. In our small state of Delaware there are about 17,000 people […]

Letter to the Editor: Distrust of international courts

Dr. Hoff is out of step with facts on the ground. (“America must become member of International Criminal Court” Commentary, May 1) There is a new sheriff in town. And he refuses to jettison national sovereignty in favor of unaccountable international courts and unduly elected judges. Compare the TPP, which was a similar effort to […]

Commentary: America must become member of International Criminal Court

For Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019, the United States should move to sign and ratify membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC’s purpose is consistent with American traditions and values and its performance is consonant with other international bodies which the U.S. interacts with. The history of the ICC dates to post-World War I […]

Commentary: Facts matter when changing Delaware laws

The majority party in Delaware has enough votes in the House and the Senate to put through any legislation, whether or not it is constituent driven or constituent approved. This leaves Delaware families and victims at their mercy. Very rarely is the victim mentioned when speaking of reform, and we need to make sure that […]

Bill would allow more people to get criminal records sealed

DOVER — In 2009, Corie Priest pleaded guilty to selling marijuana and was sentenced to two years in jail. When he got out, he thought his life would return to the way it was before. He was wrong — very wrong. “In retrospect, I didn’t understand my plea,” Mr. Priest recalled Wednesday. “I didn’t understand […]

Allred: Tape appears to show R. Kelly sexually abusing girls

NEW YORK (AP) — A man who said he was cleaning out an old videotape collection found what he thought was a recording of R&B singer R. Kelly in concert, but instead turned out to show a man who appeared to be Kelly sexually abusing girls, he and his attorney said Sunday. The man then […]