Committee meets to discuss future of Milford’s bike network

MILFORD — Milford’s Bicycle Advisory Committee met for the first time since August Thursday to discuss possible ways to improve the city’s network of bikeways. The group began with a summary of a public workshop held Sept. 12. “We had 46 people attend the workshop. We did have eight formal comment forms that we received,” […]

Milford shares plans for extended bike network

MILFORD — Milford’s Planning and Economic Development department held a community workshop Saturday to discuss potential additions to the city’s bike path network. Rob Pierce, Milford’s planning and economic director, shared with attendees several boards showing proposed bicycle routes throughout the community. “ They’re even as detailed as telling you what type of facility they […]

Amish Country Bike Tour rolling with the changes

DOVER — The 34th annual Amish Country Bike Tour will continue to cycle through and carry on its annual tradition. “With the advent of COVID-19 sparking a renewed interest in cycling as an outlet for health, mental well-being, activity and transportation, combined with so many events being canceled, the Amish Country Bike Tour has become […]

Letter to the Editor: Questions about Senator Bikeway from someone who lives nearby

I read the Asay commentary on the Senator Bikeway (“To be a bike-friendly community, safety of bikeway is essential,” Delaware State News, April 2, 2020), and as one who lives in the area I would like to ask: 1. If the west-to-east route is so vital for cyclists, why does it end at the railroad […]