Carney outlines plan in State of the State

DOVER — Gov. John Carney’s 2019 State of the State both highlighted what the state’s chief executive sees as his administration’s main accomplishments over the previous two years and offered a look at his legislative priorities over the next five-plus months, touching on both divisive and noncontroversial issues. The State of the State typically serves […]

Equal Rights Amendment approved

DOVER — The Delaware Senate approved the Equal Rights Amendment Wednesday, enshrining it in the state constitution. By a 16-5 vote, senators passed the bill, adding to the constitution a short section stating, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex.” The House passed the measure 35-6 […]

Democrats push bills to expand Delaware voting rights

DOVER — Democrats on Wednesday filed three bills that would establish early voting and same-day voter registration and move the primary election from September to April. But, Republican opponents argue the changes could lead to a potential for voter fraud. While similar versions of the measures passed the House in the prior General Assembly but […]

Delaware’s first congresswomen honored for ERA fight

DOVER — In the early 1970s, six female trailblazers from the 126th Delaware General Assembly set out to make a bold change for women as they worked to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The legislative action the six women championed was approved by the U.S. Congress March 22, 1972, seeking equal […]

Delaware legislators  file Equal Rights Amendment ahead of January return

DOVER — Delaware could have an Equal Rights Amendment in a matter of weeks. Lawmakers on Thursday filed House Bill 1, a proposal that would add to the state constitution a line reading, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex.” An identical measure passed the General […]

Legislators pick new caucus leaders

DOVER — All four caucuses elected new leadership Wednesday, one day after the election. Combined, the caucuses picked five new members and elevated one to a higher position, replacing lawmakers who retired, were defeated or chose not to seek another term in leadership. The Senate Republican caucus saw a major shakeup with Minority Leader Gary […]

State: No wrongdoing by PAC formed by Democratic Senate leaders

DOVER, Del. — A political committee set up by Democratic leaders in the state Senate did not violate campaign finance laws in donating to a Democratic lawmaker vying for an open Senate seat, Delaware’s election commissioner ruled Monday. The ruling by Commissioner Elaine Manlove involves an entity called C-11, which was formed in September at the […]

Q&A: 17th Senate District candidates take on questions

Name: Justin King Party: Republican Office seeking: 17th Senate District Age: 36 Occupation: Self-employed and mayor of Camden Family: One child Elective experience: In third term as mayor of Camden, previously sat on council and vice mayor for 3.5 years Name: Charles “Trey” Paradee Party: Democrat Office seeking: State Senate, 17th District Age: 49 Occupation: […]

Q&A: 16th Senate District candidates address issues

Name: Colin Bonini Party: Republican Office seeking: State Senate District 16 Age: 53 Occupation: State senator and business owner Family: Wife, Melissa Elective experience: State senator Name: Louisa Phillips Party: Democrat Office seeking: State Senate 16 Age: 67 Occupation: Retired health care senior director and registered nurse Family: Married with two adult children Elective experience: […]

King, Lynn, Anderson, Vanderwende win downstate legislative primaries

WILMINGTON — The Republican Party’s best hopes for taking control of the state Senate for the first time since 1973 lie with Justin King. Mr. King, the mayor of Camden, won the GOP primary for the 17th Senatorial District Thursday night, beating Donyale Hall by pulling in just over two-thirds of the vote. Entering a […]