Speak Out: Right-lane law

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Samuel B. Hoff where he stated “A proposal by Delaware State Sen. Bryan Townsend (D-Newark/Bear) to force drivers within the state to stay in the right lane under most circumstances, SB 185, is well-intended but has both practical and constitutional challenges.” • “We can hope that citizens traveling […]

Speak Out: Lobby numbers

A Sunday story reported that the four entities that lobbied the General Assembly and state agencies the most in 2019 are all health-related, with the Delaware Healthcare Association easily surpassing the others to claim the title of most active lobbying organization. • I read this whole article hoping for a list of legislators by name […]

Letter to the Editor: On the Confederate flag flap

Recently, some of our righteous state politicians couldn’t help themselves and took to declaring their outrage at the Georgetown Historical Society, which allows a southern heritage group to display a Confederate battle flag on their property. These elected social justice warriors huffed and they puffed and took away funding from the society so, presumably, everyone […]

Letter to the Editor: Erasing our nation’s history

I find it highly ironic that Trey Paradee doesn’t think that Delaware should support taxpayers’ money to support an organization displaying a Confederate monument since it was his party, the Democrats, that supported slave ownership. This is another attempt to erase our nation’s history. Slave ownership was not a proud time of our nation but […]

Speak Out: Legislative scorecard

During the first leg of the 150th General Assembly, Rep. Kim Williams, a Newport Democrat, topped the other 61 members of the General Assembly, introducing the largest portion of the 617 measures that have been presented as legislation since the 2018 election. Among the 617 measures introduced since December were bills to legalize marijuana, reinstate […]

By the numbers: A review of the 2019 legislative session

DOVER — Rep. Kim Williams, come on down and claim your prize! At least by one metric, the Newport Democrat was the most active legislator of 2019, thanks to the 28 bills and resolutions she filed. During the first leg of the 150th General Assembly, Rep. Williams topped the other 61 members of the General […]

Commentary: Flame retardants bill facts need to be explained

In a recent Commentary (“Putting special interest over Delaware families,” July 15) Rep. John Kowalko accused members of the General Assembly of putting special interests over Delaware families. While I do not want to get into a back-and-forth airing of grievances, Delaware residents deserve to know the facts, many of which Rep. Kowalko omitted in […]

Letter to the Editor: Why benefit just DE Turf?

Dear Sen. Paradee and Rep. Lynn: Why are you so active in giving away money to DE Turf per Senate Bill 178? This legislation you introduced is to tax all hotel visitors to Kent County up to 3% for the sole purpose of funding DE Turf activities. Why just this organization when we have so […]

Commentary: Delaware legislature failed to act on abortion laws

I delivered the following speech in the Senate chambers at the start of the last day of session after asking for special privilege from the floor. Thank you Madam President, And thank you members of the Senate for your attention. We sometimes disagree on the issues, but my experience has been that agree or disagree, […]

Commentary: Putting special interest over Delaware families

The American Chemistry Council is the well-funded and highly influential (with members of both parties in Delaware) special interest that has flown in professionals (hacks) from as far away as California to keep my bills banning flame retardants from mattresses and children’s products bottled up in committee twice in the last few years. Joined by […]