Letter to the Editor: Empowering the dying

I have to wonder how many who oppose this HB 140, Death with Dignity legislation have walked this path with a terminally ill family member facing a painful death. Providing liberties to some does not have to mean taking them away from others. Self determination cannot end at the point it makes others uncomfortable. Yes, […]

Budget committee approves pay raises for state workers

DOVER — The General Assembly’s appropriations committee began budget markup Tuesday by approving pay raises for most state workers and rejecting higher health care premiums. The Joint Finance Committee unanimously agreed to include in the budget salary increases of $1,000 for most state employees, as recommended by Gov. John Carney in January. Not included among […]

Speak Out: Opioid tax

Legislation establishing a tax on opioids is awaiting action from Gov. John Carney after the bill passed the House Thursday. The measure, Senate Bill 34, would create a fee of 1 cent per morphine milligram equivalent for brand-name opioid medications and one-quarter cent per mme for generics. It is not yet known whether Gov. Carney, […]

Commentary: Providers for disabled need to be funded

As our legislators gather to work on the budget for the state, please let them know that you are dissatisfied with the state’s underfunding of providers who serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). As a Delaware resident, I’m embarrassed to say, Delaware’s Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) is not paying its contracted […]

Letter to the Editor: Thinning the herd

Assisted suicide is the first step in providing a means to “thin the herd.” Insurance companies will be salivating if this bill gets out of committee, is voted into law and signed by our governor. What would be the incentive for healthcare companies, Medicare or Medicaid to continue paying your health care costs when they […]

Marijuana legalization bill announced

DOVER — Puff, puff… pass? Legislation introduced Thursday would make Delaware the 11th state with recreational marijuana, enabling individuals 21 and older to legally get high by smoking or otherwise consuming the drug. Lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to legalize pot last General Assembly, but a vote in the House fell short in June. This measure shares […]

Commentary: Assisted suicide legislation endangers those with disabilities

I live in Newark with my husband Joe. We have five sons and one daughter. Our 32-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy. She does not walk, talk or stand without the support of equipment. My husband and I bathe her, dress her, feed her and love her each day. We love her as much as our […]

Delaware gun bills stall in committee

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DOVER — Three controversial gun bills will not be released from committee, meaning they are essentially dead. The measures, which were discussed before a packed house in the Senate Executive Committee Wednesday, would have prohibited a variety of semi-automatic firearms classified as “assault weapons,” criminalized magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds and established […]

Bill would create legal fund for manufactured housing

DOVER — To the delight of the handful of advocates watching, the Senate approved legislation Thursday that would create a shared legal fund for residents of manufactured housing communities. The measure, which passed the House in March, now goes back to the other chamber because senators attached an amendment. While the House vote was close, […]

Commentary: Delaware must hold pharmaceutical industry accountable

The opioid epidemic that continues to plague our state stems from the grossly aggressive marketing tactics employed by the pharmaceutical industry. This industry took a medication that was originally intended to decrease pain in terminal cancer patients and advertised it as a safe all-purpose treatment for every type of pain, from arthritis to the common […]