Lawmakers seek to end session earlier, promote transparency with new plan

DOVER — Are the June 30 marathons finally at an end? Democratic leaders announced last week they are taking steps to finish the legislative session earlier on the final day, imposing a “crossover” deadline and once again exiting at 1 a.m. on July 1 regardless of whether the General Assembly has concluded all its business. […]

Jobs, schools, gun laws: Carney spotlights successes, teases toward future in State of the State address

DOVER — Gov. John Carney’s State of the State address Thursday centered on what he sees as his administration’s past successes, highlighting efforts to boost economic development, improve Delaware’s education system and protect the environment, among others. Delivering his fourth formal address to the General Assembly, the governor also urged lawmakers to support several gun […]

Bill banning untraceable guns sent to House floor

DOVER — Nearly 30 members of the public turned out to speak Wednesday for a committee hearing on legislation to outlaw “ghost guns,” homemade firearms considered to be untraceable because they lack key identifying markings. After about 50 minutes of public comments, the House Administration Committee voted 3-2 on party lines to send the measure […]

Commentary: What is the Christian’s role in government?

In a column a couple of years ago, I wrote about Dr. Wayne Grudem’s views on how Christians should influence politics and government for good. Dr. Grudem mentions what he considers five wrong views that have been presented at various times about Christians and government. The first wrong view is that government should compel religion. […]

Full senior tax break may return

DOVER — In 2017, facing a budget crunch, legislators cut a school property tax subsidy for seniors by 20 percent, reducing it from $500 to $400. Since then, the state’s financial situation has improved considerably, prompting a number of lawmakers to stump for restoring the credit to its prior amount. Established in the 1990s as […]

Bill would ban untraceable ‘ghost guns’

DOVER — Lawmakers on Thursday filed a bill that would ban “ghost guns,” homemade firearms considered to be untraceable because they lack key identifying markings. House Bill 277 would outlaw firearms that have no serial number, are “constructed in a shape or configuration such that it does not resemble a firearm,” are made “entirely of […]

Delaware legislative staffers announce intent to unionize

DOVER — Delaware legislative staffers on Tuesday announced their intention to unionize, joining what they said would be the first nonpartisan union in a state legislature in the country. While organizers heralded the news as groundbreaking, it’s just the first step in a long process — and the announcement caught many off guard despite a […]

Lawmakers return Tuesday with a full plate

DOVER — When the second leg of the 150th General Assembly begins Tuesday, there will be at least one key difference from Jan. 8, 2019: A quarter of the building won’t be new. With the annual six-month break now in the rearview mirror, Delaware’s 62 lawmakers will return to Dover this week to begin the […]

Commentary: House Democrats getting work done for all Delawareans

There is a popular misconception that politics and government is broken, that we don’t get anything done. While you could make the case that Washington, D.C. has its problems, when we looked back at the Delaware General Assembly in 2019, we realized that we had a successful year advancing initiatives of all shapes and sizes. […]

Letter to the Editor: Starting school after Labor Day a sensible idea

When I return to Dover on Jan. 14 to start the second session of the 150th General Assembly, I will be introducing bipartisan legislation co-sponsored by the president pro-tempore of the Senate and myself to establish the first day of classes each school year to be the day after Labor Day for Delaware public schools. […]