Victory for progressives as Sokola named Senate president pro tempore

DOVER — Progressives scored a big win with the new Senate Democratic leadership team this week. The caucus announced late Thursday night that members selected Sens. Dave Sokola of Newark, Bryan Townsend of Newark and Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman of Wilmington as the president pro tempore, majority leader and majority whip, respectively. Meanwhile, both House caucuses […]

Democrats win two Delaware State Senate seats

DOVER — Democrats expanded their lead in the General Assembly Tuesday, picking up two Senate seats in New Castle County. No other incumbents lost in the general election. Several Democrats suffered primary defeats in September. In each instance there, the winner triumphed Tuesday. Democrats now hold 14 of 21 Senate positions in addition to 26 […]

Delaware General Assembly results

STATE SENATEDistrict 1Sarah McBride (Democrat) 16,861 73%Steven Washington (Republican) 6,143 27% District 5Kyle Evans Gay (Democrat) 13,474 52%Catherine Cloutier (Republican) 12,282 48% District 7Spiros Mantzavinos (Democrat) 10,397 51%Anthony Delcollo (Republican) 9,849 49% District 8David Sokola (Democrat) 13,078 100% District 9Jack Walsh (Democrat) 12,551 67%Todd Ruckle (Republican) 6,069 33% District 12Nicole Poore (Democrat) 21,603 100% District […]

Election 2020: 30th Representative District

Name: Shannon Morris Party: Republican Age: Did not answer Family: Did not answer Residence: Did not answer Occupation: Did not answer Name: Charles E. Groce II Party: Democrat Age: 60 Family: Wife, Linda Residence: Felton Occupation: Retired law enforcement Why are you running for this seat? SM: Did not answer. CG: Having spent the majority […]

Election 2020: 36th Representative District

Name: Bryan Shupe Party: Republican Age: 36 Family: Married six years to Sherry Shupe and have two children: Evelyn, 4, and Theodore, 1 Residence: Milford Occupation: Small-business owner Name: Greg Fuller Party: Democrat Age: Did not answer Family: Did not answer Residence: Did not answer Occupation: Did not answer Why are you running for this […]

Election 2020: 33rd Representative District

Name: Charles S. Postles Jr. Party: Republican Age: 71 Family: Married to Janet, three kids, three grandkids, two great-grandkids Residence: Milford Occupation: Farmer Name: Rachael King Party: Democratic Age: 37 Family: Did not answer Residence: Magnolia Occupation: State auditor’s office Why are you running for this seat? CP: I want to continue serving the citizens […]

Election 2020: 34th Representative District

Name: Lyndon D. Yearick Party: Republican Age: 55 Family: Married to Janice Yearick, children Daniel, Lynzi and Brandon Residence: Magnolia Occupation: Design support specialist Name: Adewunmi “Ade” Kuforiji Party: Democratic Age: 49 Family: Two children Residence: Dover Occupation: School district chief financial officer Why are you running for this seat? LY: After three successful terms […]

Election 2020: 29th Representative District

Name: Bill Bush Party: Democratic Age: 52 Family: Married to Carrie and we have three sons: Liam (18), Mason (16), and Jonathan (13) Residence: Wyoming Occupation: State representative, attorney Name: Robin R. Hayes Party: Republican Age: 54 Family: Husband, two adult married sons; four-plus grandchildren Residence: Dover Occupation: Owner of Nutritionally Speaking, master’s prepared dietitian, […]

Police accountability subcommittees to meet

DOVER — The four subcommittees of a legislative task force focused on police accountability will meet in the coming weeks. The sessions, set to take place remotely, follow the initial Aug. 6 gathering of the full group. All meetings of the task force and its subgroups will be livestreamed on the General Assembly’s YouTube channel […]

Racial equity task force hosts initial meeting

DOVER — A task force looking at issues Black Delawareans face held its first meeting Wednesday. The group, formed through legislation in June, aims to study structural and explicit racism in hopes of taking steps toward a more equitable society. It is broken up into four subcommittees: economic opportunity, health and welfare, safety and justice, […]

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