Two Delaware branches are missing and one is unconstitutional

An open letter to the General Assembly and Judiciary of Delaware: Where has our state government gone? The executive branch has shut down the two remaining constitutionally mandated legislative and judicial branches. Our governor, his lordship, is unchallenged in his authority. The governor has no constitutional authority and no legal control of the legislative and […]

Letter to the Editor: Protect liberty for next ’emergency’

It finally happened, after the April 25 modification to the governor’s State of Emergency, I lost sleep. My insomnia wasn’t caused by a virus pandemic though, but from the hit our liberties are taking during it. This is not a letter about the pros and cons of steps taken to mitigate what does seem to […]

Pandemic politics discussed

Delaware Public Media’s Tom Byrne and Delaware State News General Assembly reporter Matt Bittle recently discussed how the Delaware General Assembly is navigating the coronavirus crisis. Listen to the Interview. Their discussion came on the heels of Mr. Bittle’s Delaware State News story headlined “Back to business? With eye to future, caucus leaders say no […]

Letter to the Editor: Extend mail-in vote to Delaware

I am asking Gov. Carney and the Delaware legislature to either extend the social distancing provision as “sick or temporarily disabled” to the presidential election or to address HB 175 in the current session. People cannot be asked to choose between the ability to cast a vote safely and their health, as was done in […]

A political divide? Ideology colors perception of virus, recovery

DOVER — COVID-19 has become the latest fault line in our politically fractured society. Is the virus overblown — even a hoax, or is it a potential world-altering threat for which we must drastically change our lives? Depends who you ask. With each day the coronavirus quarantine continues, pressure grows from some quarters to reopen […]

Commentary: General Assembly continues to work for constituents

By Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf and Sen. David B. McBride The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our way of life, not just here in Delaware, but across our country and around the globe. We all are still adapting to these changes and are attempting to navigate this situation in the safest way possible. The Delaware General […]

Commentary: General Assembly seeks leeway in CARES Act funding

Editor’s note: The leaders of all four General Assembly caucuses jointly sent a letter to Delaware’s congressional delegation on Friday asking for flexibility with how the state spends its stimulus funds. The federal CARES Act will provide more than $1 billion to Delaware for its fight against the COVID-19 crisis, but the funds are restricted […]

Back to business? With eye to future, caucus leaders say no need to meet yet

DOVER — As Delaware goes through a truly unprecedented time of turmoil, some may be wondering where exactly the legislature is. Despite the raging pandemic, the Delaware General Assembly has not met since January. But legislative lawmakers from both parties are confident they aren’t shirking their duties. In fact, they say they are busier than […]

Commentary: Delaware General Assembly should activate emergency plan

By Bill Bowden When will our state legislature activate an emergency plan and get back to work? On March 18th, the Delaware General Assembly postponed their session indefinitely over concerns of the spread of COVID-19 in the First State. Since then we have not heard anything from this group. We have seen various articles where […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware lawmaker to House of Representatives: Let’s get to work

It is incumbent upon me as an elected official to act on behalf of my district and the people of the First State. My formal education and years of experience in the medical field provided me with much experience and insight into the practice of medicine. I have the utmost respect for all those working […]

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