Sanders, liberals, out with bill to cancel student debt

WASHINGTON — Days before the first Democratic presidential debates, Sen. Bernie Sanders and House progressives came out with legislation to cancel all student debt, going farther than a signature proposal by Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the two jockey for support from the party’s liberal base . By canceling all student loans, Sanders says the proposal […]

Commentary: Delaware Democrats prepping for 2020 with diversity and outreach

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, it was due in large part to his ability to build a coalition of voters that historically had been untethered from each other. In the moment, the Obama Coalition told the story of a rock star candidate as the force for unity the country so desperately craved. […]

Impeach Trump? Most 2020 Democrats tiptoe past question

WASHINGTON — Democratic leaders in Congress have argued that impeaching President Donald Trump is a political mistake as the 2020 election nears. Most of the candidates running to succeed him seem to agree, for now. Fewer than one-third of the 23 Democrats vying for the nomination are issuing calls to start the impeachment process, citing […]

Speak Out: No deal with Trump

President Donald Trump abruptly quit a meeting with congressional Democrats Wednesday with a flat declaration he would no longer work with them unless they drop their investigations in the aftermath of the Trump-Russia report. • I thought Democrats were going to be the ones to accept the Mueller report. Guess they had to stay true […]

Letter to the Editor: Crash and burn time for the Democrats

Now that the Mueller investigation is over that was so darn boring and never really got anywhere, I’m getting excited about the new investigation by attorney general Robert Barr. I’d like to see James Comey and Peter Strzok be first up to bat. Probably we are going to get a lot of answers from them […]

Student says Trump backers recruited him for Buttigieg smear

A Michigan college student says pro-Trump agitators recruited him to falsely claim he was raped by Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, then published the smear without his permission. Hunter Kelly, a 21-year-old gay Trump supporter, said conservative activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman sought to use him for the “despicable scheme” they concocted to blunt […]

Commentary: Time, Democratic party may have passed Biden by

Timing is everything in politics. Any number of worthy, qualified politicians have failed to grab the golden ring simply because it wasn’t their “time.” So the question is whether this is Joe Biden’s “time.” We suspect the answer is “no.” Not because our Joe isn’t worthy or qualified. But simply because his time has passed. […]

Letter to the Editor: Guarding against foreign powers

I am a 96-year-old World War II veteran who was assigned to protect our national boundaries from foreigners invading or crossing our borders during the years of 1941-1946 President Trump is attempting to accomplish the same problem without full support and without giving up the lives of our military personnel. Why can’t the Democratic Party […]

2020 Democrats clash over impeachment, felons’ right to vote

MANCHESTER, N.H. — California Sen. Kamala Harris joined the call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment as five leading Democratic presidential contenders clashed in a series of prime-time town hall meetings that exposed deep divisions in a party desperate to end the Trump presidency. Harris’ unexpected support for impeachment follows Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s push for […]

House Democrats cheer wins of 1st 100 days, ponder stumbles

WASHINGTON — Newly elected Rep. Sharice Davids is most proud of setting up a congressional office in part of her Kansas district she said hadn’t seen one for years. For Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath, her biggest victory was passing the gun background checks legislation she advocated for after her son’s shooting death. And for New […]