Face coverings recommended, but Trump says he won’t wear one

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump announced new federal guidelines Friday recommending that Americans wear face coverings when in public to help fight the spread of the new coronavirus. The president immediately said he had no intention of following the advice himself, saying, “I’m choosing not to do it.” The new guidance from the Centers for […]

Trump defends extending virus guidelines as spread continues

WASHINGTON — Siding with public health experts’ dire projections, President Donald Trump on Monday defended his decision to extend restrictive social distancing guidelines through the end of April, while bracing the nation for a coronavirus death toll that could exceed 100,000 people. “The worst that could happen is you do it too early and all […]

Letter to the Editor: Don’t look to the White House to end the pandemic

Letters to the Editor

The president of the United States is a broken human being. He has no concept of us; he only knows me.  He surrounds himself with sycophants who nod in agreement when he opens his mouth. He describes these bobbleheads as ‘”terrific” and  “amazing.” When scientists, medical professionals, elected leaders and journalists cite facts that contradict […]

Trump angrily defends his handling of pandemic

WASHINGTON — Defending his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, an angry President Donald Trump on Friday lashed out at reporters and broke with his own health officials on the science of the outbreak. Trump said he was tapping the Defense Production Act to order American businesses to manufacture and send supplies, like testing kits, ventilators […]

Sanders reassessing his campaign after three more Biden wins

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders was trying to determine his next moves on Wednesday, after Joe Biden swept to victory in Florida, Illinois and Arizona and seized a commanding lead in a Democratic presidential race upended by the coronavirus. The Vermont senator’s campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, said Sanders “is going to be having conversations with supporters […]

Letter to the Editor: Researching Trump’s disapproval ratings

Letters to the Editor

Regarding Mr. McDevitt’s inquiry in the DSN titled “How do you know what they think?” he can rest assured that my conclusions were not pulled out of a rabbit’s hat. (Refer to acclaimed Military Times columnist Leo Shane’s article “Troops opinion of Trump heads down.”) President Trump’s approval rating has continued to slip among active duty military personnel the last three years in […]

Commentary: Reaping the whirlwind from Trump’s policies


By Daniel Pritchett In January, 2017, I wrote in these pages with great trepidation — even fear — about the danger of installing into the highest office in the United States a man who, as I put it, “is a compulsive, pathological liar, apparently convinced that whatever comes out of his mouth is true, even […]

Brazilian who met Trump has virus; no plans to test Trump

WASHINGTON — A senior Brazilian official who attended weekend events with President Donald Trump in Florida has tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the first time that someone known to have the virus was in close proximity to the president. Trump does not plan to be tested or go into self-quarantine, the White House said. […]

Letter to the Editor: Far left hyporisy?

Letters to the Editor

In the 2-24-20 Delaware State News, Gloria Bakin lamented that we are embroiled in a civil war, not of weapons but of words. Then she immediately launched into a media-parroted diatribe calling the president names. She is so consumed that she gimmicks DNC party line on  presidential pardons. Was she concerned when President Clinton released […]

Letter to the Editor: How do you know what they’re thinking?

Letters to the Editor

Bill, you start off by saying the president’s approval rating is slipping among active duty military personnel (“Trump’s disrespect for military personnel” Delaware State News, Mar. 2). How in the world would you know what our active military personnel are thinking? Then you mention two great military men who did not get along with President […]