LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are plagues things of the past?

Imagine an America decimated by disease, where often there were not enough healthy survivors to bury those who had succumbed.. It is not “The Walking Dead” or science fiction, it happened here, in 1918, 100 years ago, and was called “Swine Flu.” Sometimes novels can draw a better picture than historians of past events. In […]

BEST BETS: Redhead Express pull into Delaware State Fair

A gamble more than 10 years ago has paid off handsomely for the Walker family of Palmer, Alaska. On Thanksgiving Day 2007, Kendra, LaRae, Alisa and Meghan, who ranged in age from 17 to 11, along with their three brothers and parents, left home in a new RV and trailer in search of a musical […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wesley College acquisition of old Dover library beneficial to area

EDITOR’S NOTE: In this letter to the editor, Dover City Councilman David Anderson addresses comments made in Wednesday’s Sound Off section regarding the sale of the old Dover Public Library to Wesley College for $1. I think the commenters raise good questions. I will answer them from a city perspective only. The state perspective has […]

Comic Con blasting through Dover Saturday

DOVER — It didn’t take long for organizers of the Dover Comic Con to realize they had something special on their hands. The first event, held inside the Dover Public Library in 2014, drew about 2,500 people, five times what organizers anticipated. The following year, about 6,500 turned up, and last year’s crowd of 10,000 […]

BEST BETS: Dover Comic Con-bound Cathcart lends voice to Pokémon

Although many may not know his face, legions have grown up listening to James Carter Cathcart. Mr. Cathcart has been one of the main voices behind the wildly successful “Pokémon” cartoon series and its many offshoots. Throughout the 20-year run of the show, he estimates he’s done about 100 different characters. Currently, he’s most known […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dover smoking ban draws unfriendly fire

After sitting and observing the last Dover City Council meeting [“No Smoking! Tobacco ban to extend beyond the grounds of Dover’s library,” article, Aug. 9], I was kind of taken aback by one councilman’s (Anderson) comments regarding promoting cigarette smoking and marijuana usage on city property and parks after a lengthy debate on banning smoking […]

Comic Con to dress up Dover

DOVER – As the third annual Dover Comic Con brings thousands to the streets of downtown Dover starting tonight and all day Saturday, it will be clear that costumes aren’t only for kids. “Even though compared to other conventions — we are small — the level and quality of cosplay (or costume play) here is […]

Smyrna woman draws up book on ‘Blondie’ films

Carol Lynn Scherling had no idea how many other people were fans of a decades-long film series until she published her first and only book “Blondie Goes to Hollywood” in 2010. The book, which mainly details the Columbia movies made in the early 1930s and 1940s that were based on the beloved comic strip, is […]

Dover Public Library devotes day to Harry Potter

Harry Potter flyer by .

DOVER –– It’s time to dust off your wand and spell book –– Saturday is Harry Potter Day at the Dover Public Library, an event bringing the magic-centered book series to life. When attendees arrive, they will first stop at the Sorting Hat, which will assign them to a house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft […]