COMMENTARY: Community project focusing on the Delaware drug epidemic

There is a crisis in Delaware. Is it violence, shootings, drunk driving or distracted driving? The drug addiction crisis far exceeds all of these. The death toll is incredible. Nationally, 64,000 overdose deaths occurred in 2016. The economic toll is 504 billion dollars. Delaware ranks above the national average in overdose deaths. In 2016, more […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: AstraZeneca committed to patient access

I think I speak for many at AstraZeneca who come to work every day to help patients lead longer, healthier lives when I share I was disheartened to see a letter questioning our dedication. (“Here’s where to start in fighting the drug war.”, June 6) AstraZeneca reached out to support the author on several occasions. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Here’s where to start in fighting the drug war

Over the past few weeks I have heard that President Trump wants to seriously address the national drug problem and severely punish drug dealers. Although I have never been a big Trump fan, I commend him on his efforts with this project and wish him well. Might I suggest that he starts in our own […]

Warning issued after two die using same stamp heroin packets

NEW CASTLE — Two people who died in Delaware from suspected overdoses last Thursday and Friday over a 24-hour period involved heroin packets with the same stamp, according to the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS). Secretary Dr. Kara Odom Walker is warning people in active substance use in Delaware that DHSS is not […]

Police: 50 bags of heroin located in traffic stop

SEAFORD — Two arrests followed after 50 bags of heroin were located in a Friday traffic stop, Seaford Police said. Larry Milburn, 52, of Delmar, was driving on Bridgeville Highway when the stop occurred. His driver’s license was found to be suspended, authorities said. Passenger Theresa Trice, 50, of Laurel, was initially seen not wearing […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware opioid proposal puts onus on ‘righteous’

If you don’t think the Delaware General Assembly is the biggest waste of taxpayer money, you really haven’t been paying attention. These people only indulge us when it’s time for them to get reelected, and even those just seeking office tell us blatant lies that they won’t fulfill. Their only goal in life is to […]

Opioid report ‘a road map’ to combat crisis

  DOVER — For the many Delawareans who have become all too familiar with the state’s substance abuse and mental health resources over the past few years, it’s not news the state could do more. Officials have expanded treatment and begun viewing addiction as a disease rather than a crime, but the state still has […]

The culprits behind high prescription drug prices

Out-of-pocket health care costs rose by 3.9 percent in 2016, according to a new report by Health Affairs. That was the fastest rate of growth in nine years. And in 2016, national health care costs hit a new record — consuming about 18 percent of the GDP. Everyday consumers are struggling to keep up. Two […]

Bill creating fee on opioids clears first hurdle

DOVER — Legislation that would create an opioid fee passed out of committee Wednesday, although it will likely be amended to deal with concerns raised by the Department of Health and Social Services and others before receiving a floor vote. Senate Bill 176 would establish a fee on opioids of 1 cent per morphine milligram, […]

Efforts to fight opioid epidemic bolstered by $2 million grant

DOVER — Plans for a $2 million federal grant aimed at curbing the raging opioid epidemic should be announced by the end of this month, with implementation this summer. As the overdoses and deaths continue unabated statewide, the funds can’t arrive soon enough. As of April 30, there had been 88 deaths suspected to be […]