Two arrests for illegal drug distribution

DOVER — Two men were pulled over near the Del. 1 Dover Toll Plaza Wednesday and subsequently arrested in alleged connection with the distribution of illegal drugs, Delaware State Police spokeswoman Master Cpl. Melissa Jaffe said. Police concluded a drug distribution investigation in the matter of Robert W. Conklin, 39, of Millsboro, authorities said. A […]

White House yanks drug ‘rebate’ plan to ease costs for some

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is withdrawing a plan to ease the financial bite of costly medications for people on Medicare by letting them receive rebates that drugmakers now pay to insurers and middlemen, the White House said Thursday. The once-highly promoted plan from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar ran into opposition within […]

Troopers arrest two for drugs after vehicle pursuit

LONG NECK — A Smyrna man and Milton man face drug charges after police found them in possession of methamphetamine and heroin following a vehicle pursuit in the Long Neck area. The incident occurred on Saturday at approximately 3:07 p.m., when troopers from the Troop 7 PACE Team were conducting proactive enforcement in the Long […]

Letter to the Editor: Straight facts about marijuana and driving

Concerns with regard to marijuana’s potential adverse impact on driving performance must be placed in proper context. (Commentary: “Marijuana jeopardizes highway safety,” May 24) First, it should be stressed that driving under the influence of marijuana is already a criminal offense in Delaware. Doing so will remain a criminal traffic safety violation when the state […]

Speak Out: Opioid tax

Legislation establishing a tax on opioids is awaiting action from Gov. John Carney after the bill passed the House Thursday. The measure, Senate Bill 34, would create a fee of 1 cent per morphine milligram equivalent for brand-name opioid medications and one-quarter cent per mme for generics. It is not yet known whether Gov. Carney, […]

Delaware opioid legislation is ill-conceived ‘tax grab’

So, the General Assembly has passed a tax on opioid manufacturers and the legislation has been sent to Gov. Carney to await his decision on the fate of this initiative. This law is nothing short of a blatant tax grab. Supporters argue that the tax imposed is minuscule in that it assesses only 1 cent […]

Experimental surgery gains support as opioid deaths rise

SHANGHAI — Patient Number One is a thin man, with a scabby face and bouncy knees. His head, shaved in preparation for surgery, is wrapped in a clean, white cloth. Years of drug use cost him his wife, his money and his self-respect, before landing him in this drab yellow room at a Shanghai hospital, […]

Commentary: Delaware must hold pharmaceutical industry accountable

The opioid epidemic that continues to plague our state stems from the grossly aggressive marketing tactics employed by the pharmaceutical industry. This industry took a medication that was originally intended to decrease pain in terminal cancer patients and advertised it as a safe all-purpose treatment for every type of pain, from arthritis to the common […]

Speak Out: Opioid fee proposal

Readers reacted to a Sunday commentary written by Sen. Stephanie Hansen headlined “Opioid impact fee will save lives in Delaware” • The problem is the true killer drugs are coming across our open borders, Heroin and fentanyl. People need treatment, counseling, and in some cases arrests. The liberal Democrats’ answer is raising taxes. — Frederick […]

Commentary: Opioid impact fee will save lives in Delaware

I would like to correct misinformation in a recent op-ed Dover pharmacist Elizabeth Hauss penned about legislation that would hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the opioid crisis they helped create here in Delaware. (“Delaware opioid surcharge plan ‘misguided’” April 17) Here are the facts: One in four Delaware families is now affected by this crisis. […]