Some good news in job data: Del. saw slight gain in 2017

DOVER — Rumors of Delaware’s economic demise have been slightly exaggerated. Revisions in the state’s unemployment data show the state gained 2,900 jobs in 2017, compared to the prior estimate of zero change. For the third month in a row, Delaware’s unemployment rate fell by a tenth of a percent. It now sits at 4.2 […]

As temperatures rise, so do gas prices

DOVER — Filling his gas tank at a Wawa on DuPont Highway in Dover on Monday, Camden resident Darryl Taylor said he’s noticed that gas prices have been on the rise for several weeks. “It’s been slowly climbing up, it’s one of those things you don’t notice unless it happens really fast,” he said. Mr. […]

State’s jobless rate drops slightly for second month

  DOVER — The state Department of Labor’s monthly report for March shows the unemployment rate in the state dropped from 4.4 percent to 4.3. This is the second consecutive month the report shows a one-tenth of a percentage point drop after remaining stagnant at 4.5 percent for five straight months. However, Delaware’s rate is […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fighting trade wars is a losing battle

As a hobbyist futurist I’ve been thinking about who is going to win President Trump’s trade war. Let us ponder the variables. The Chinese outnumber us by over three to one. That is a very important factor. The other most important consideration is No. 1 standing of the U.S. dollar in the world economy. President […]

State sees marginal improvement in jobless rate

  DOVER — Delaware’s unemployment rate dropped by one-tenth of 1 percent to 4.4 percent overall in February, according to a Department of Labor report on Friday. The state’s jobless rate remains above the national average of 4.1 percent unemployment and had languished at 4.5 percent for five consecutive months prior to the slight decrease […]

Legislators returning Tuesday after difficult 2017

DOVER — After one of the most trying final months of a legislative term in living memory, legislators return this week with hopes 2018 will be smoother. The second leg of the 149th General Assembly begins Tuesday, kicking off a six-month period that officials are sure will be eventful. Between now and the early morning […]

Wages remain flat for Delaware employees

DOVER — Other than large corporate bonuses paid to just a few employees, most workers in Delaware continue to see little if any improvement in their wages this year. The Delaware Department of Labor would not disclose the five state-based firms that paid out over $250 million in bonuses that increased overall wages paid by […]

Letter to the Editor: Dependence on the government is financial slavery

Whippings. Beatings. Heat. Malnourishment. Disease. Absolutely no promise for an improved future. This is only the introduction of characteristics African slaves were forced to endure throughout the unfathomable institution of slavery over the course of hundreds of years of American history up until the late 19th century. While the usage of slavery in the aforementioned […]

Delaware makes pitch to Amazon

WILMINGTON — Delaware Gov. John Carney pitched three northern Delaware locations, including a former Claymont steel plant where a train station will be developed, as spots for Amazon’s second North American headquarters. The sites, according to Delaware leaders, meet the major requirements of Amazon’s request for proposals. Amazon said it wants a site within 30 […]

Close to 50 jobs lost at Edgewell Dover plant

  DOVER — Less than 50 employees were impacted by a reduction in staff at the Edgewell Personal Care Dover facility that began Monday, a spokeswoman said in response to a Delaware State News inquiry this week. The affected employees were notified Monday, according to Edgewell Corporate Communications Manager Lauren Medina, and all other colleagues […]