Speak Out: Challenger for Coons

Jessica Scarane, a Wilmington-based digital strategist who serves as the board president of the nonprofit Girls Inc. of Delaware, announced Monday she plans to run against Sen. Chris Coons in a Democratic primary next year. She is running on a progressive platform that includes implementing universal health care, a $15 minimum wage and tuition-free college […]

Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Patrick announces Dem presidential bid

WASHINGTON — Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick announced Thursday he is running for president, making a late entry into the Democratic race less than three months before primary voting begins. In an announcement video, Patrick highlighted his poverty-stricken childhood on Chicago’s South Side, saying he’s running for the “people who feel left out and left […]

Letter to the Editor: What coup?

Mr. Daniels, I read your commentary letter (DSN Oct. 20, “Is United States becoming a third-world country?”). Some of your letters you admonish our current POTUS for his acts. Now here you are accusing the Democrats, the intelligence community and the DOJ of forming this ridiculous act. I agree with some of the things you […]

Letter to the Editor: No free ride

What an interesting time we’re living in. Campaigning for the office of president is really going strong now and we can hear from the candidates what their plans for the future hold for us. I note that a great many youngsters are overjoyed by the prospect of free college and Medicare for all. If I […]

Speak Out: Trouble brewing?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Is there trouble brewing for supporters of socialism?” • And you call liberals snowflakes? The right has become the biggest bunch of crybabies in the history of the Republican party. But its OK because in 2020, all of these snowflakes will create a blizzard, while all of the […]