Three incumbents hold serve in Dagsboro election

DAGSBORO – Dagsboro’s 2019 municipal election Saturday brought no changing of the guard. Multi-term incumbents held serve by sizeable margins as Theresa Ulrich, Patrick Miller and Brian Baull turned back challenger James Thompson in retaining their seats on the town’s five-member governing body. Ms. Ulrich led the way with 42 votes, followed by Mr. Miller […]

No clear champ as Johnson, Corbyn spar in UK election debate

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn attacked each other’s policies on Brexit, health care and the economy Tuesday in a televised election debate that likely failed to answer the question troubling many voters: Why should we trust you? The two politicians hammered away at their rival’s weaknesses and sidestepped […]

Elections in four states offer tests of 2020 voter enthusiasm

Gubernatorial and legislative elections in four states Tuesday will test voter enthusiasm and party organization amid impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump and a fevered Democratic presidential primary scramble. Results in Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia won’t necessarily predict whether Trump will be reelected or which party will control Congress after the general election […]

AP-NORC poll: Interest in campaign is growing, as is anxiety

WASHINGTON — A year out from the 2020 general election, there already is significant interest in the presidential campaign. But a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research also finds a growing share of Americans feeling anxious and frustrated compared with early in the summer. Republicans and Democrats are about equally likely to say […]

Commentary: Kindness vs. cruelty — the 2020 decision

Of all the horrible scenes in the movie, “Schindler’s List,” the most horrible is the child separation scene, where the Nazi guards load the camp’s children onto trucks to be driver to their deaths. When the parents see their children being driven away, a riot ensues. After suffering starvation, beatings, murder and slave labor, the […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware got the wrong state treasurer

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According to the story in the Delaware State News from Oct. 6, 2019, page 6, the Delaware treasurer, Ms. Davis, has once again broken the law by driving a state-owned vehicle for private pleasure without authorization. Last December she was stopped for speeding and was driving with a suspended license and “other offenses” were stated. […]

Trump seeks to turn impeachment probe into campaign weapon

MINNEAPOLIS — President Donald Trump was defiant in the face of an impeachment probe Thursday as he sought to convert the threat to his presidency into a weapon on the campaign trail, with biting and unsupported attacks on potential Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Facing an investigation provoked by his unprecedented call for Ukraine and then […]

Sanders has heart procedure, cancels campaign events

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders’ campaign said Wednesday that the Democratic presidential candidate had a heart procedure for a blocked artery and was canceling events and appearances “until further notice.” The 78-year-old Sanders experienced chest discomfort during an event Tuesday and sought medical evaluation, according to a campaign statement. It said two stents were “successfully inserted” […]

Letter to the Editor: The misguided seduction of socialism

Over 100 million deaths are attributable to communist/socialist rule. Far from delivering utopia this form of government has delivered abject misery, now a new generation wants to give it a try. They no doubt consider the worst of these regimes to be communist, not the socialist regimes they would like to have in power. However, […]

Letter to the Editor: Socialists’ goals

Finally, we see out in the open and a lack of subterfuge the socialist goals. The 1st Amendment watered down to a mealy unpalatable socialist gruel that, if not swallowed without complaint, makes you an old white man, out-of-touch racist. The 2nd Amendment erased through constant attack on the citizen soldier concept of self defense […]