Commentary: Offshore wind farm projects would destroy ocean views

Several offshore wind farm projects that will stretch from Rehoboth Beach to Ocean City, Maryland will soon be a reality unless citizens and legislators take action now. Orsted Wind Power (Denmark) has been granted one of multiple offshore wind farm leases. Orsted’s Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLC and Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control […]

Commentary: Beach view and economy under threat

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Beach lovers visit eastern Sussex County for the ocean, and a pristine view to the horizon is critical to beach enjoyment. In many ways the view to the horizon would be recognized by Native Americans who fished on the beach a thousand years ago. Counting Crows song, They Paved Over Paradise, says, ‘you don’t know […]

Energy Efficiency Day seeks to curb energy use, cut pollution

DOVER — Energize Delaware is joining regional and national organizations on Wednesday to save some energy and reduce pollution during the fourth annual Energy Efficiency Day. That is the day that utilities, businesses, universities and individuals are asked to lend a hand in promoting energy efficiency — the cheapest, quickest way to meet energy needs, […]

Commentary: Attacks on Saudi oil – why didn’t prices go crazy?

Energy experts and scholars like me have long wondered what the impact would be from a major attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. For decades, the Saudis were the world’s top exporter and swing producer, able to change output to meet fluctuations in market demand. Would an assault on their oil bring panic and an […]

Letter to the Editor: Getting a charge out of electric vehicles

Your letter writer James Webster, May 10 “A few more words on electric vehicles,” had some good points to make about electric vehicles and charging. Yes, it is great that there are more and more public chargers, either fast or very fast. Most of them provide free electricity, like at retail shopping malls. Beat that […]

Letter to the Editor: Nuclear power still proven safe, reliable

Dr. Sowers’ April 8 comparison of nuclear power to a dead horse is dead wrong. (Letter to the Editor). Despite the recent closure of a few nuclear power plants, the remaining plants still supply 20 percent of the country’s electric power without emitting air pollution or carbon dioxide. These plants could continue operating for decades, […]

Commentary: Don’t let this winter leave your bank account in the cold

Wondering why even though you turned up the heat it still feels cold in the house? Is your warm fireplace sending warm air out of your chimney? The Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) would like to share a few simple tips and fixes to help you stay warm this winter and save money by saving […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clean energy sought

Thanks for the article (“Swollen NC rivers swamp dumps, raising water pollution fears,” Sept 17) discussing the awful offal escaping, or in danger of escaping from coal ash pits and hog manure and urine pits. This was bound to happen. As climate change gets even worse than it is, more storms will dump more rain […]

Solar future looks bright in Smyrna

SMYRNA – The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce was on site for a ribbon-cutting at the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation Inc. Smyrna location on July 10. The event marked the opening of its newest 1.5-megawatt community solar generation facility. DEMEC appreciates the opportunity to be centrally located with its new facility in Smyrna, and to […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware-backed Clean Power Plan a losing proposition

Here’s all you need to know about the Clean Power Plan and its goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electric generators in one sentence. The CPP is illegal, is another sign of our divided country, it wouldn’t have a discernible impact on global warming, and the emission goals will probably be met without it. […]

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