Commentary: Putting special interest over Delaware families

The American Chemistry Council is the well-funded and highly influential (with members of both parties in Delaware) special interest that has flown in professionals (hacks) from as far away as California to keep my bills banning flame retardants from mattresses and children’s products bottled up in committee twice in the last few years. Joined by […]

Letter to the Editor: PETA ‘sin tax’ remarks are not welcome

After reading the commentary of PETA, (‘“Sin tax’ on meat and dairy sales needed in Delaware,” July 1) first I’d like to say that Delaware has a very diverse economy. Next please mind your own business. You’re using the word “sin” for your benefit and out of context for its meaning. It is not a […]

Letter to the Editor: A small sacrifice

I’m disappointed with all the negative responses towards the plastic bag bill. We’ve become such a wasteful society. The things that are being asked to change are basically things that were done pre-1960s. It’s disgusting the cesspool our oceans have turned into because of plastic trash! Not to mention the chemical byproducts of its manufacturing […]

Letter to the Editor: Balloons don’t only harm environment

I feel the need to respond to the article (June 13) “Grotto Pizza decreases balloon use.” I applaud their decision to help the wildlife and environment but this action could also go a step further. Several years ago I had the opportunity to, not only be an instructor through a state agency, but attend seminars […]

Commentary: ‘Sin tax’ on meat and dairy sales needed in Delaware

The following is a letter sent to Delaware State Rep. Michael Smith who proposed a ban on paper bags to help curtail human impact on the environment: Dear Mr. Smith, I’m writing on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and our more than 6.5 million members and supporters, including thousands across […]

Commentary: Plastics bill would cause undue harm in Delaware

Probably no member of the Delaware legislature is a more dedicated stooge of industrial polluters than Rep. Debra Heffernan. So, by the perverse logic of the General Assembly, it makes sense that House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf would have made her chairwoman of the House Natural Resources Committee, the better to attack natural resources from the […]

Commentary: Under-the-radar initiative could result in higher gasoline prices

An announcement made just before Christmas last year went unnoticed by most Delawareans, but it could be leading to higher costs for motorists. On Dec. 18, Delaware officials announced the state was joining the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) — a coalition of nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to design a new regional low-carbon transportation […]

Speak out: Plastic bags bill

The Delaware House passed legislation Tuesday that would bar certain stores from providing single-use plastic bags to customers. House Bill 130 would restrict establishments from giving consumers bags that are “made from non-compostable plastic and not specifically designed and manufactured to be reusable.” The measure would go into effect Jan. 1, 2021, and would still […]

Delaware House approves ban on plastic bags

DOVER — The House passed legislation Tuesday that would bar certain stores from providing single-use plastic bags to customers. By a 33-7 vote, with one member absent, the chamber approved the legislation, which is supported by Gov. John Carney. It now goes to the Senate. House Bill 130 would restrict establishments from giving consumers bags […]

Pickering Beach horseshoe crab fence back up

PICKERING BEACH — After a successful inaugural trial year in 2018, the small privately supported “Pickering Beach Stranding Mitigation Project” fence was reinstalled for its second year on Wednesday. The simple volunteer-installed 350-foot wooden temporary storm fence, across a stretch of beach, works by blocking a known “kill zone” that had become a hot spot […]