LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cleaning up air pollution caused by chicken houses

Recently there has been a massive expansion of building chicken houses in Delaware and in Maryland. Just one of these chicken houses can hold up to 50,000 chickens, and of course 50,000 chickens making waste! In one small area of Sussex County there were about 15 chicken houses installed and put up without the community […]

Blades gets emergency water supply: High levels of toxic chemicals were found in the town’s wells

DOVER — Gov. John Carney has authorized the National Guard to assist residents of a southern Delaware town after high levels of toxic chemicals were discovered in municipal wells. Authorities said Friday that the Guard has provided two 400-gallon portable water tanks and coordinated troops to ensure 24-hour water distribution operations to the residents of […]

COMMENTARY: Time to ‘restore sanity to federal energy policies’

Fights over oil and gas exploration and production off the coasts of Delaware and New Jersey (sometimes called the Outer Continental Shelf) are nothing new — they go back decades. But, as he’s so good at, President Trump is converting a simmering issue into an crisis that urgently needs public resistance. It began with his […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware cracking down on global warming pollution

Recently, nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states finalized new rules to cut power plant pollution by at least two-thirds below 2005 levels by 2030. The action makes the best regional clean air and climate protection program in the country — the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) — even better. This program — which first took effect […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware-backed Clean Power Plan a losing proposition

Here’s all you need to know about the Clean Power Plan and its goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electric generators in one sentence. The CPP is illegal, is another sign of our divided country, it wouldn’t have a discernible impact on global warming, and the emission goals will probably be met without it. […]

COMMENTARY: Question of climate change isn’t whether but why?

Conservatives can’t win on the subject of climate change no matter what position we take. It’s a bit like old white guys talking about race. No matter what you say, you’re accused of being some despicable kind of scum. Conservatives can’t win on the subject of climate change no matter what position we take. It’s a […]

COMMENTARY: We need to talk about plastic

This past June, the Delaware Center for Inland Bays held its annual Inland Bays Clean-Up. Once again, it was a fantastic event. Over 60 people joined us to hop on boats, zip around the Bays, and explore their shores to pick up over half a ton of trash! The sun was bright, the temperature was […]

Delawareans to see partial eclipse today

DOVER — Delaware will be treated to the rare sight of a solar eclipse today — an astronomical event in which the moon passes between the sun and earth and temporarily blocks part or all of its light. According to University of Delaware astronomy professor Judith Provencal, the moon will start taking a “bit” out […]

Coastal Zone Act modification goes to Carney

  DOVER — The Senate approved legislation loosening restrictions on development along the coast on Thursday, the second-to-last day of the legislative session this year. By an 18-2 tally, with one member not voting, senators sent to Gov. John Carney a bill that would alter the Coastal Zone Act. The measure, supporters say, would drive […]

Leipsic River watershed receives C+ on health report card

  DOVER — A recent Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program report card, released on Thursday, gave the Leipsic River watershed an overall grade of C+ in terms of its condition — indicating that it’s not functioning at its full potential. The Leipsic River watershed encompasses 128 square miles, according to Delaware Department of Natural Resources […]