Letter to the Editor: Climate change is caused by human pollution

In response to the letter from Lorraine Gloede of Dover, Jan. 3, I fear she has been reading misleading arguments about global climate change. Contrary to her suggestion, solar activity does not cause the global warming we are experiencing. It is human caused carbon pollution that is making our temperatures climb. Reading reputable sources like […]

Letter to the Editor: God’s environmental plan

With all the spirited huffing and puffing about supposed climate change, as well as the hand wringing of the anxious sea level prognosticators, me-thinks it high time to remind our gentle readers of God’s Environmental Plan, as revealed in the Holy Bible, to wit: to burn the thing up completely! Now that’s a climate change! […]

Letter to the Editor: Carbon fee will help reduce climate change

Coastal storms and climate change present great risks to Delaware. We are the lowest-lying state in the union, most vulnerable to sea level rise. I recently attended the Resilient and Sustainable Communities League Summit in Dover, and was heartened to learn at the Summit that for every dollar spent on hazard mitigation, we can save […]

Commentary: Congress’ to-do list: Vote for conservation

Lawmakers now back in Washington have a long list of to-dos before the end of the year — including two policies that together form the backbone of conservation in America. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and the Farm Bill represent the lion’s share of our nation’s efforts to protect lands and waters from […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware fails to shut down upwind power plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has rejected Delaware and Maryland petitions to shut down upwind coal-fired power plants. The EPA concluded upwind state plans to implement the recently completed Cross State Air Pollution Rule will result in Delaware and Maryland meeting all air quality standards, including ground level ozone. Ozone has been the hardest pollutant […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clean energy sought

Thanks for the article (“Swollen NC rivers swamp dumps, raising water pollution fears,” Sept 17) discussing the awful offal escaping, or in danger of escaping from coal ash pits and hog manure and urine pits. This was bound to happen. As climate change gets even worse than it is, more storms will dump more rain […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sussex waterways, air need to be cleaned

The poor condition of Delaware’s waters has been known for decades. The facts are simple to understand, however difficult to accept. We cannot eat the fish and crabs from our waters. We get sick from swimming in our waters. Ninety percent of Delaware’s waterways are polluted, 100 miles of Delaware’s waters have fish advisories. Delaware […]

COMMENTARY: Is Delaware a victim of upwind air pollution?

One of our important First Amendment rights is the ability to petition the federal government to correct a wrong. Delaware’s Air Quality Division petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency in early 2016 to force upwind coal-fired power plants to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions. Nitrogen dioxide acts as a catalyst in the creation of unhealthy ground level […]

COMMENTARY: Carper no friend of the environment

Responding to the July 17 story “Carper: Delaware choked by ozone pollution from nearby states, urges action by EPA.” I have known Tom Carper as congressman, governor and senator. He’s a skillful, hard-working professional politician who knows how to sell himself. He has an almost Trumpish ability to claim credit for doing the opposite of […]

Carper: Delaware choked by ozone pollution from nearby states, urges action by EPA

STANTON — With every new EPA director — interim or otherwise — comes hope that the federal government helps Delaware bid for clearner air. Last week in Washington, D.C., U.S. Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., raised concerns about ozone pollution fueled by air flowing from power plants in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Delaware’s senior senator and […]