Virtual adoptions connecting families during pandemic

The Zimmerman family is complete. That’s how Mike Zimmerman sees it, after he and his wife, Becka, finalized their adoption of Aidann and Camron last week. “What’s been missing is found, and our family is complete,” Mr. Zimmerman said. “It’s definitely a relief.” On National Adoption Day, Nov. 21, the Zimmerman family was among two […]

Expectant moms face increased stress during pandemic

LONG NECK — Samantha Jones is a planner. The 26-year-old Long Neck resident makes lists. Every major choice in her life has been mapped out, organized and planned. Four years ago, she and her husband Daniel, decided they wanted a baby. They came up with a financial plan to achieve their goal. They followed it […]

Commentary: Mother of faith is an example of strength and encouragement

By Bishop Peggy A. Johnson Growing up I would hear these words: “Listen to your mother.” Listen usually meant “obey,” and if things were going to go well for me that was usually the best plan of action.  For this Mother’s Day I would say that the “Mother of Methodism” Susanna Wesley has a few words to […]

Commentary: Get creative and celebrate all moms on Mother’s Day

By Patricia C. Thompson Let’s face it: This is going to be one of the most unusual Mother’s Days ever. Some creativity may be in order due to challenges caused by the COVID-19 virus. That said, this is a “tribute card” to everyone who is a mother or has ever functioned as one – including […]

Commentary: Support available for Delaware families to stay healthy

By Josette Manning During the COVID-19 crisis, our public health mandate to flatten the curve of this disease could not be clearer: Stay home, physically distance ourselves from others and avoid trips that are not essential. However, what happens when ‘staying home’ is the most difficult thing you can possibly do? What happens when ‘staying […]

Commentary: Coronavirus era: At home with teen triplets

By Rich Manieri You’re stuck home with your kids and feeling sorry for yourself. How are you going to keep them busy? What about their school work? I’ve got a better story – stuck at home with 16-year old triplets. Beat that. Anyone? Anyone? That’s what I thought. Last week, as I was lamenting our […]

Commentary: Household meetings give family life a boost

Editor’s note:  Bold print shows quotations from Dr. Goldsmith’s online article. Light print summarizes and includes some additions by Pat Thompson. By Pat Thompson Recently, I wrote about ways families can maintain their well-being in these challenging times. One of the ways suggested that households could keep a positive status quo was with effective family […]

Family Services connecting with community despite pandemic

DOVER — When it comes to the role of the Division of Family Services, it is important to maintain connections with families and children, even as the coronavirus pandemic has hit the brakes on personal contact in day-to-day life. “That isolation is something that becomes very difficult to manage, the more time it is, you […]