Hoping to sprout success: Cutting-edge 302 Aquaponics takes shape in Dover

DOVER — It looks like some kind of a crazy laboratory straight out of the future. It turns out that Dover’s Doug Wood is the mad scientist behind all those large blue barrels bubbling with water and fish that are the key ingredients to growing four types of organic produce. Inside the warm environment of […]

Commentary: Delaware farms are here to stay

This month, farmers at the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin shared worries about the viability of family farms in our current economic climate. United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue shrugged off their concerns and said, “In America, the big get bigger and the small go out.” I guess he has never visited the State […]

Fall weather impacts crops, but not agritourism

As fall begins with fluctuating temperatures, some of Delaware’s top agriculture products are in jeopardy, according to area farmers. “The weather this fall has really been a blessing and a curse. It depends really on what you grow. The weather this fall has just been — it’s been different,” Secretary of Delaware’s Department of Agriculture […]

Commentary: Share the road as Delaware farmers harvest crops

It is harvest time again, and right now, farmers are working extra hard to harvest crops that are ready before they get damaged. Farm equipment and grain trucks are on the roadways at any time of day, sometimes until late at night and on weekends, too. Motorists can help them be safe by paying attention […]

Commentary: Farmers asked to keep water off the roadways

Even after all the rain this spring, soils in Delaware are dry, particularly sandy soil which can-not hold the moisture. With temperatures hovering at the 100-degree mark, water evaporates more quickly, too. So farmers are likely irrigating longer and more often. The Delaware Department of Agriculture is reminding farmers to make sure their irrigation systems […]

Grain bin rescue tube, training donated to Harrington Fire Company

HARRINGTON — The Harrington Volunteer Fire Company has a new tool in its arsenal for even the tightest of emergencies. A grain bin rescue tube was donated to the organization with the help of local and national businesses knowing tragedies can arise when they are least expected. Joseph Poppiti, executive director of the Delaware Farm […]

Letter to the Editor: Temporary aid assists farmers

Seems it is “Deja vu” all over again for Congresswoman Blunt Rochester. Her May 25 Delaware State News commentary on the impact of China tariffs on farm commodities is nearly identical to that of Aug. 4, 2018 when she introduced H.R. 6483 to make permanent the President’s temporary relief to farmers. Now Blunt Rochester introduces […]

Commentary: Delaware farmers caught in the middle of China trade war

From currency manipulation, to state-owned enterprises, to allegations of technology and intellectual property theft — we’ve known for some time that the Chinese government hasn’t been playing on a level playing field. It’s why I was cautiously optimistic when the incoming Trump Administration pledged to take these unfair trade practices seriously. Two years, many rounds […]

Letter to the Editor: Poll shows impacts of rural economy on farmers’ mental health

A strong majority of farmers and farm workers say financial issues, farm or business problems and fear of losing the farm impact their mental health, according to a new national research poll by Morning Consult. Other factors farmers deal with include stress, weather, the economy, isolation and social stigma. Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau […]

Commentary: Safely share the road with farm equipment in Delaware

Farmers are back in the fields after a wet early spring, and that means they will be on the roads, too. Most people think farmers only need the highways in the fall, during harvest, but we’re on the road at least nine months of the year, maneuvering in traffic. We need to use those roads […]