Not ideal fishing conditions for local anglers

If you haven’t noticed the wind is windy again, and raining to add to the fun. Boats are having a heck of time getting out to fish. The beaches are covered in wide, fast-moving surf wash, or white water. The Inland Bays and Delaware Bay are rough. Finding an out-of-the-way place to fish has been […]

Fishing access opening as restrictions lessen

The last few days prevented boats heading out and surf anglers had to fight wide waves and rough wash. Private boats are the only ones going out. Charters and head boats are still under restrictions not to operate. Eventually after June 1, that will change. The weather turning has dropped the water temperatures more than […]

Fishing getting better as warmer weather on way

Gas is how cheap and we can’t go anywhere? Well not true, you can go anywhere within the state to get outside and get some air. I’m still getting four days a gallon. A lot of people seem to have taken up fishing. Whole families are getting out and trying their hand at fishing. It […]

Recreational tilefish anglers may face new guidelines

DOVER — Recreational tilefish anglers may soon be subject to new permitting and reporting requirements. Under proposed regulations published by NOAA Fisheries, private recreational vessels (including for-hire operators using their vessels for non-charter, recreational trips) would be required to obtain a federal vessel permit to target or retain golden or blueline tilefish north of the […]

Good fishing abounds in Delaware waterways

At least we can still fish, hike, hunt and walk the trails. That is about all we can do in the outdoors and frankly it is one of the safest activities. Shopping is a little scary right now. People need to get into the outdoors more, instead of going outdoors to shop indoors. The stay-at-home […]

It’s a great time for both fishing and hunting

Hope everyone is doing well and getting outside for some fresh air. Fishing has been helpful for that, as well as hunting. People are allowed to walk in parks and state wildlife areas for exercise or walk their dogs. Those of you walking dogs, please take your waste bags with you. That is getting old […]

Social distancing is key when enjoying great outdoors

This past week was decent fishing up and down the state. It is great to see people getting out and getting some air. Social distancing is occurring in the fishing community. None of us want to fish next to anyone anyway. From freshwater to saltwater, there were a lot of people enjoying themselves. We have […]

Great time to safely head out to fishing hole

Seems Old Man Winter wants another round and that is a good thing to keep people from moving around too much. However being outdoors is not only good for your health, it is good for your mentality — even if you are just sitting in the backyard. The key is social distancing and fishing, or […]

Waiting for spring fishing: Catch white perch, crappie

We are in that part of winter where the fishing is mostly white perch and the yellow perch has just started up heavier. Meanwhile all anyone wants to do is talk about spring fishing and the days of summer to come. The point in Cape Henlopen State Park closes this weekend, a good indicator that […]

Spring season will be here before you know it

Spring teasers are more common this year it seems. I kid you not. I saw head peepers the other evening when I let the dog out. In the middle of February, peepers. Just goes to show how resilient nature is and that the warm weather will trigger her to wake up. Everyone is anticipating how […]

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