Great time to safely head out to fishing hole

Seems Old Man Winter wants another round and that is a good thing to keep people from moving around too much. However being outdoors is not only good for your health, it is good for your mentality — even if you are just sitting in the backyard. The key is social distancing and fishing, or […]

Waiting for spring fishing: Catch white perch, crappie

We are in that part of winter where the fishing is mostly white perch and the yellow perch has just started up heavier. Meanwhile all anyone wants to do is talk about spring fishing and the days of summer to come. The point in Cape Henlopen State Park closes this weekend, a good indicator that […]

Spring season will be here before you know it

Spring teasers are more common this year it seems. I kid you not. I saw head peepers the other evening when I let the dog out. In the middle of February, peepers. Just goes to show how resilient nature is and that the warm weather will trigger her to wake up. Everyone is anticipating how […]

Fishing may be iffy but gets you in the fresh air

Back to spring-like weather, then it will be winter again, then maybe pre-spring, then post-winter. Mother nature needs to pick a condition and stick with it. It lets us get more work done outdoors this time of year, fishing and hunting are still options, because none of use need an excuse to do either, just […]

Typical winter fishing despite ‘Janu-summer’ temps

We are in that stretch of winter, the one that gives us warm summerlike days. Janu-summer just happened this past weekend. Now, this weekend it appears we are looking at arcticlike weather — nice transition. I have to look out the window each day now to see what season we are doing. Last weekend was […]

Hunting or exploring, walking the woods in snow is peaceful

First real snow of the season! Anyone as excited as I am or not at all? I love snow, I mean if it is going to be cold we could at least have snow and not rain. Walking the woods in the snow is very peaceful whether you are hunting or just exploring. The beaches […]

Boats are going offshore for sea bass and doing well

Winter fishing is in full effect for the most part, you sure aren’t going to find any summer fish still hanging around. Maybe the occasional summer flounder but they are usually caught trolling stretches in the ocean for migratory striped bass. That is one thing no one is doing in our waters yet. The migratory […]

It’s been quiet in the surf aside from short striped bass

Sorry I missed you all last week. I have been dealing with a myriad of fishery meetings both state and federal, wind farm and state park meetings, outdoor show organizing, surf fishing tournament preparations, and rebuilding the manufacturing facility for DS Custom Tackle. Somewhere in between all of that I get to go fishing, and […]

Cold temps: Anglers don’t like it but hunters should be happy

Wasn’t enough snow to go car hooding but enough to keep many of us indoors. I am not ready for this weather, I have plenty of gear for the cold, I just don’t want to wear it all right now. I know the fish don’t care but boy oh boy the anglers do, there are […]

Tautog action for keeper fish is picking up at the inlets

Getting colder and now the days are officially shorter, thanks to daylight savings time. That initial shock of it being dark much earlier always throws us off, good thing Mother Nature doesn’t turn back her clocks, just ask my dog. The only advantage is it is lighter by the time on my clock when we […]

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