SOUND OFF: Pay raises for Delaware workers

This is your public forum.We welcome your opinions, which can be emailed to or posted online under the stories at On Monday, lawmakers approved a pay raise for more than 24,000 state government employees — plus an additional $500 bonus for each. • Looks like the employees enjoyed a nice little windfall. Yea, […]

COMMENTARY: Stemming the tide of rising health costs in Delaware

Over the next several weeks, as we complete another budget debate in Dover, we should not lose sight of Delaware’s long-term challenges and of one issue in particular: the rising cost of health care. The projected growth rate for state spending on health care services will more than double our expected growth rate in available […]

Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team to be full-time

DOVER — For the most dangerous and delicate situations, Delaware State Police call members of one specialized small group: the Special Operations Response Team, Delaware’s equivalent of a SWAT team. Its troopers handle a wide variety of incidents, from ending shootouts to protecting foreign officials to serving warrants to high-risk subjects, and they do it […]

$65M ‘safety fund’ proposed for schools

  DOVER — Draft legislation unveiled Tuesday would set aside $65 million to protect schools, allowing officials to use the funding to install bulletproof glass, key card entrances, metal detectors, cameras and other security measures. The proposal, sponsored by Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel, is intended as a counterproposal to several Democratic-backed bills that would place […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware opioid proposal puts onus on ‘righteous’

If you don’t think the Delaware General Assembly is the biggest waste of taxpayer money, you really haven’t been paying attention. These people only indulge us when it’s time for them to get reelected, and even those just seeking office tell us blatant lies that they won’t fulfill. Their only goal in life is to […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware Nurses Association supports Senate Bill 199

The Delaware Nurses Association (DNA) hereby announces its support for pending Senate Bill 199, which makes several amendments to Delaware Code to mandate improved insurance coverage for primary care services delivered by practitioners in the areas of family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology and psychiatry. We agree with our colleagues at the Medical […]

Townsend: Democrats not supporting clean water bill strongly enough

DOVER — Several lawmakers aired frustrations Thursday over what they see as a lack of investment in clean water by state officials. During a budget hearing involving top environmental officials, a few members of the Joint Committee on Capital Improvement questioned the executive branch’s lack of support for a bill that would create a new […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware ERA a tool for progressive agenda

19dsn lawmakers Rich Collins by .

A proposed Equal Rights Amendment to Delaware’s state constitution is a misunderstood measure with a hidden agenda. As presently constructed, House Bill 399 seeks to add to the state constitution: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex.” The wording is identical to the proposed federal Equal […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware legislators should uphold oath to Constitution

The following is an open letter to Delaware legislators: I am a registered voter in Senate District 7/House District 19. While I have previously expressed my thoughts regarding the plethora of “common sense” solutions proposed in an attempt to dissuade future occurrences of violent crimes committed with firearms, I have addressed only my elected officials. […]

Report calls for change in state budgeting with spending limit

  DOVER — A panel examining state budgeting is recommending lawmakers create a cap on annual budget growth, reorganize the Budget Reserve Account to make it easier to tap into in times of need and broaden the tax base by ending some tax breaks and lowering income tax rates. As Delaware has battled with balancing […]