Aviation Day links students with iconic Tuskegee Airmen pilot

GEORGETOWN — Growing up as a young African American in the 1920s and ’30s, now retired Col. Charles “Charlie” McGee kept his feet on the ground. Then, while an enlisted soldier in the U.S. Army, aviation addiction set in and his life through not one but three wars — World War II, Korea and Vietnam […]

Balloons Over Sussex flies high this weekend

GEORGETOWN — After nearly two decades, a hot air balloon festival is returning to Sussex County this weekend. Balloons Over Sussex, brought to the area by the Sussex Academy Foundation, will take place Saturday and Sunday. Delaware Coastal Airport is the staging venue for the two-day festival, which will feature 16 balloons, a variety of […]

Letter to the Editor: Rewriting history

Regarding Frank Calio’s commentary “History, good or bad, should be preserved,” (Aug. 12) Mr. Calio seems to be confused about a number of things. The only way the war would have “… gone the other way…” was if George McClellan had won the presidency in the 1864 election. He ran on a platform of stopping […]

Letter to the Editor: Put flags in a museum

In response to the “Confederate Flag Flap” letter (Aug. 9), by Mr. Melville’s description of “ancient history” and “Southern heritage” in keeping the Confederate flag on properties without consequence, is it also OK now for descendants of Nazis to mount flags with swastikas and SS bolts because those flags represent Aryan heritage? It was almost […]

Speak Out: Preserving history

Regarding the recent action taken by the state to defund The Georgetown Historical Society of $14,000 for allowing a Confederate monument and flag on their property, readers reacted to a recent commentary by Frank Calio of Laurel headlined “History, good or bad, should be preserved.” • It’s always white folks yelling about how “history ought […]

New Mexico man pleads guilty in Delaware swatting case

WILMINGTON — A New Mexico man has pleaded guilty to making interstate bomb threats against an elementary school and a Walmart in southern Delaware. Twenty-nine-year-old Stephen Scott Landes of Roswell, New Mexico, entered the plead Monday in federal court in Wilmington. He faces up to 10 years in prison at sentencing in November. Prosecutors say […]

Commentary: History, good or bad, should be preserved

I am a history buff, always have been. I accept the history of this country regardless which side states took during the Civil War. I may disagree with their position, but I respect their passion. I have taken my kids when they were in school during their vacations to various states to learn the history […]

Letter to the Editor: On the Confederate flag flap

Recently, some of our righteous state politicians couldn’t help themselves and took to declaring their outrage at the Georgetown Historical Society, which allows a southern heritage group to display a Confederate battle flag on their property. These elected social justice warriors huffed and they puffed and took away funding from the society so, presumably, everyone […]

Speak Out: Erasing history?

Readers reacted to recent letter to the editor by Jack Heavner challenging a previous letter which said withdrawing funds from the Georgetown Historical Society because of a display which contains a Confederate flag was “erasing history.” •Perhaps Mr. Heavner is unaware that Confederate soldiers, sailors, and Marines that fought in the Civil war were made […]

Speak Out: Confederate controversy

In 2007, the Delaware chapters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy raised money to install a monument on the Georgetown Historical Society’s property on South Bedford Street, with a Confederate battle flag flying overhead next to a Delaware flag. For years, the Georgetown Historical Society received state funding […]