Update provided on Milford’s potential purchase of Rookery

MILFORD — City Manager Mark Whitfield provided an update on the city’s inquiry into buying The Rookery North golf course Wednesday. During a Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meeting, Chairwoman Anne Villalobos was interested in hearing the latest about the proposal. “I’ve heard murmurings of stuff happening with The Rookery,” she said. “Is there something […]

Millsboro cancels bid to allow golf carts on town roads

MILLSBORO — Through a motion to rescind, Millsboro officials have withdrawn their 2020 pitch to Delaware’s General Assembly seeking a town charter change that would legally allow golf carts on certain town-maintained roads, notably within Plantation Lakes. “I like golf carts myself, but I am very concerned about safety,” said Millsboro Mayor Michelle Truitt. “The […]

Milford interested in buying Rookery golf course for water

MILFORD — The city is considering buying The Rookery North golf course, not because it’s interested in running a country club, but to assist with water supply on that side of Milford. City Manager Mark Whitfield said shallow wells on the course may provide the solution to water woes in the growing southeast section of […]

Long-standing Milford golf course to close in 2021

MILFORD — The Rookery, a golf club based out of Milton, has announced that its second location in Milford will not open in 2021. In an email sent out to some of the club’s membership Saturday, The Rookery’s director of golf Butch Holtzclaw said that although the Milford property has not been sold yet, it […]