King, Lynn, Anderson, Vanderwende win downstate legislative primaries

WILMINGTON — The Republican Party’s best hopes for taking control of the state Senate for the first time since 1973 lie with Justin King. Mr. King, the mayor of Camden, won the GOP primary for the 17th Senatorial District Thursday night, beating Donyale Hall by pulling in just over two-thirds of the vote. Entering a […]

Businessman Walker wins GOP primary for U.S. House after failed Democratic bid two years ago

DOVER — Scott Walker, a business owner and landlord who ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Democrat two years ago, has won the Republican primary for Delaware’s lone U.S. House seat. The 67-year-old Walker defeated actor and retired railroad industry worker Lee Murphy on Thursday and will face incumbent Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester in November. Blunt […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Socialism is a lost cause

In reference to Carol Hotte’s Letter to the Editor in the Delaware State News on Aug. 17 (“Of Socialists and America’s social programs”), I disagree. It’s not the first time Ms. Hotte and I have crossed swords and, frankly, we should just agree to disagree. She would not agree with me and I do not […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Checks and balances

In 1993 Gov. Carper had eight straight sessions with 10 percent increases of his budget. He ignored how bad off our “fresh water supply” was and failed to act, setting the stage for now only having just 10 percent and 90 percent polluted with nitrates and chemicals. Flush with a healthy budget, Gov. Carper ignored […]


Our president has stirred the inner sanctum of government. Never before have I seen a president take on all comers, foreign and our own, with such fervor. The Democrats had eight years under Obama to bring about positive changes to our social and political horizons, and they failed miserably. They had total control of policy […]

GOP Senate candidates bash Carper, praise Trump

DOVER — The two Republican candidates for a U.S. Senate nomination competed with each other Tuesday over who is the biggest supporter of President Trump and the strongest critic of Sen. Tom Carper with each seeking to convince GOP voters to pick him in the primary election Sept. 6. Running for the seat held for […]

State pulls proposed transgender protection regulation

DOVER — A controversial regulation involving gender identity will not be moving forward, the Department of Education announced Thursday, two months after it revised the proposal due to public outcry. First unveiled in October, Regulation 225 initially would have allowed students to identify as a different gender or race, sparking a firestorm of criticism. The […]

Democrats jockey for support in auditor race

DOVER — Delaware’s auditor is an oft-overlooked position, with the officeholder generally working behind the scenes and ceding the spotlight to the governor and legislators, but every four years, the job receives more attention as candidates vow to intensify efforts to save taxpayers money. This year, with Republican incumbent Tom Wagner not seeking reelection after […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Move toward socialism an unwelcome one

Without a doubt, after reading (“Carper no friend of the environment,” Commentary, July 23) it left my head spinning. Not because Delaware’s senator is not lackadaisical in his application of interest towards clean water, clean air, but in its ending chapters, whereas its author makes a statement about giving Kerri Evelyn Harris, sort of a […]

State Senate candidate previously hit with lawsuit over unpaid rent

DOVER — State Senate candidate Donyale Hall has faced civil lawsuits for unpaid rent, failure to pay a mortgage and debt. The mortgage lawsuit was ultimately settled and dismissed and the debt case was satisfied, according to court records. Ms. Hall is running for the Republican nomination in the 17th Senatorial District, which includes Dover, […]