Letter to the Editor: Legislative larceny

The first crime that a politician performs is when they take their oath of office and have no intent to uphold and defend the Constitution of United States of America, which is their limit and jurisdiction of powers. Their oath of office is their word binding them to the constitutional form of government that we […]

Court rejects challenge to regulation of gun silencers

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to federal regulation of gun silencers Monday, just days after a gunman used one in a shooting rampage that killed 12 people in Virginia. The justices did not comment in turning away appeals from two Kansas men who were convicted of violating federal law regulating silencers. The […]

Letter to the Editor: New gun laws not the answer

There have been many articles and letters for and against new gun control laws. Now we have another dreadful mass shooting in Virginia Beach. There will be yet more voices demanding new gun control laws. So many people just won’t realize new laws won’t have the desired effect. Google now says there are 114 million […]

Letter to the Editor: Enforce the current laws

It is amazing that Democrats are so upset that some of their elected officials support pro gun instead of gun control. These people were elected to vote for the wishes of their supporters, not the agenda of the party. As far as the Democrats saying there is majority support for anti-gun measures, why do they […]

Letter to the Editor: Amendments still valid

If Mr. Steve Swierczek (“A closer look at the Second Amendment,” May 21) thinks the Second Amendment only pertains to the arms of the day then so does the First Amendment. He should throw out his computer and ballpoint pen, gather firewood for his fireplace, and turn off his electricity. He should only use parchment […]

Commentary: The government isn’t coming after your guns

For a short period last month, gun lovers and NRA members began to circle their wagons. The Democrats were coming after your weapons, infringing on your Second Amendment rights, and finally the government is coming to take over U.S. citizens after they are disarmed. At least that’s what one gun advocate said at the Delaware […]

Commentary: ‘Weapons of war’ should not be legal on streets

I become angrier and more discouraged every day I listen to the news, and there has been another shooting in one of our schools in America. We have got to do something about this! So many of these shootings are done with what I call Weapons of War – AR14 and AR15. What are they? […]

Speak Out: Gun bills

A Sunday story reported the demise of three gun bills blocked in committee earlier this month has pitted the Democratic Party against an unusual foe: itself. The Delaware Democratic Party platform calls for “common sense gun safety measures.” But it was Democrats, who control both chambers of the General Assembly, who killed three firearm-related proposals. […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘Farcical interpretation’

Mr. Swierczek (“A closer look at the Second Amendment” Letter to the Editor, May 22) is reading from the tomb of the gun control lobby. It’s the same farcical interpretation we’ve heard thousands of times. When the Founding Fathers wrote this, the arms they entrusted to the citizenry were the exact same arms that had […]

Letter to the Editor: Second Amendment – reasonable or not?

The commentary on the Second Amendment by Michael J. Hurd (DSN, 5/16) gave us a confused can of worms. To think about the Second Amendment, Hurd asks us to think about the First Amendment and whether we would “place ‘common sense’ and ‘rational’ restrictions on free speech?” Then he says any restrictions would be a […]