School district to review policies after Middletown High student found with gun

MIDDLETOWN — Appoquinimink School District will evaluate safety procedures after an 18-year-old Middletown High student was allegedly found with a 9mm handgun in school last Friday and subsequently arrested. Superintendent Dr. Matt Burrows sent an email Saturday to Appoquinimink parents and staff announcing a directive to form a district-wide parent/staff/Board Safety Task Force “to review […]

Middletown High student held after handgun found in bag

MIDDLETOWN — A handgun was discovered in a student’s backpack following a confrontation at Middletown High late Friday morning, a district superintendent said later in the day. In an e-mail to parents and staff just after 4 p.m. the Appoquinimink School District detailed the incident, with Superintendent Dr. Matt Burrows explaining that “Shortly before noon […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware legislators should uphold oath to Constitution

The following is an open letter to Delaware legislators: I am a registered voter in Senate District 7/House District 19. While I have previously expressed my thoughts regarding the plethora of “common sense” solutions proposed in an attempt to dissuade future occurrences of violent crimes committed with firearms, I have addressed only my elected officials. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Take the Second Amendment simply for what it says

It is amazing that people simply will not take things as they really are. They insist on making words to mean what they want them to mean. The 2nd Amendment is a classic example of that. The amendment reads, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the […]

Carney signs bill to take guns from mentally ill

NEWARK — Gov. John Carney signed into law the first major piece of gun legislation Monday, six days after it passed the General Assembly. The bill deals with mental health and possession of firearms by individuals believed to be potential threats to themselves and others. In honor of the late Beau Biden, who pushed a […]

COMMENTARY: Double standards abound for young adults

Bad ideas abound, no doubt. But today we’ll consider four now percolating before the Delaware General Assembly. They are: •Legalizing recreational marijuana. •Lowering the blood-alcohol level for legal driving to .05 percent. •Raising the age for purchase of cigarettes to 21. •Raising the age for buying a rifle to 21. The original sin here, of […]

Active shooter response and prevention in sights of Indian River seminar

GEORGETOWN — You’re attending an awards program in your child’s seventh-grade science class on a sunny spring morning. Suddenly, there is loud popping within the school. Firecrackers? It’s mid-April, not the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. Screams and shrieks in hallway horror are heard. The popping continues. What do you? Mass shootings grabbing […]

Gun control bill opposed: Senate to vote on raising minimum age to buy rifle

DOVER — With more than 100 people packed in the room, a Senate committee voted Wednesday to release to the full chamber a measure that would raise the age at which someone can buy a rifle. The hearing came just a few hours after more than 150 gun rights advocates gathered on Legislative Mall to […]

House OKs removing guns from mentally ill

DOVER — The Delaware House of Representatives passed legislation Tuesday that lays out protocols for removing guns from individuals deemed to be dangerous due to mental illness. By a vote of 39-0, with two members absent, the chamber sent the bill to the Senate. The measure has been heavily modified since it was first introduced […]

More gun restrictions demanded: Dover marchers echo national call

DOVER — Undeterred by the wind a group of 40 Delawareans made its way around the perimeter of Legislative Mall again and again. Seventeen times they walked around the mall, one for each victim of last month’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Many participants carried signs: “Books, not bullets” “I […]