LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Failing history class

I fear that recent contributor Rebecca Scarborough (“Defending our American democracy,” Letter to the Editor, July 24) has failed one too many high school history classes. She begins her letter with 15 rapid-fire insults, none of which are proven or civil. The beginning two paragraphs are laced with these panic-driven insults. Then came the plea […]


This is a time of great passions and turmoil. It seems that things never have been worse, but God in his wisdom has given us a tool to make sense of a chaotic world. It is called “history,” which can guide and inspire us, if we would let it. Don’t believe me? I am a […]

New director, exhibit at Delaware Agricultural Museum

DOVER — Carolyn Claypoole has always had a love for history at an early age. “I grew up in Laramie, Wyoming,” Ms. Claypoole said. “My mother was a fourth-grade teacher. That’s the grade when you typically learn state history and she fostered my interest in the history of the American West. My parents took us […]

‘First Saturday’ to feature various patriotic traditions

DOVER — DNREC’s First State Heritage Park will explore “Patriotic Traditions” as its theme for the First State Heritage Park’s monthly “First Saturday in the First State” in July. The program will feature a variety of free events and activities. The John Bell House and Kent County Courthouse will give special focus to the African-American […]

Delaware’s John Dickinson: ‘Little known giant of American history’

DOVER — John Dickinson’s principles survived, likely at the expense of an enduring, well known, revered place in his country’s history. The Delaware statesman opted not to sign the Declaration of Independence, yet “was a very active participant in the forming of the U.S. Constitution and practically invented the Senate,’ author and editor John Sweeney […]

COMMENTARY: Continental Navy helped Americans win Revolution

While the exploits of the Continental Army in defeating England to gain independence are well-known, the activities and accomplishments of the Continental Navy are largely ignored. The anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence affords the opportunity to review America’s military performance in a more comprehensive manner than usual. Initially, one must be […]

COMMENTARY: The ghosts of 1968 are still with us today

Commemorations of historical events can go either way. So it is with 1968, a very active if controversial year in American and world history. Certainly one of the most consequential annum of the Twentieth Century, 1968 was recently described as alternately “wonderful” and [thankfully] “over” by representatives of a college class from that year a […]

COMMENTARY: ‘New constellation’ represents promise, commitment

It was a June day in Philadelphia, perhaps very much like today, that the delegates to the Second Continental Congress voted on a simple motion that created the most recognizable, enduring and powerful symbol of freedom and democracy that the world has ever known. The motion read as follows: “Resolved, That the flag of the […]

Hall making his mark in Delaware preservation

DOVER — Looking out of the window from the top floor of the Delaware State Historic Preservation Office on The Green, Carlton Hall has as good a view on history as anyone in the city. It’s a perfect fit for Mr. Hall, who recently earned a place as the only Delawarean named to the inaugural […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Looking back at Robert F. Kennedy

June 6 is the 50th anniversary of the death of Robert Kennedy, who was, like his brother, the victim of an assassin’s bullet. He was only 42 years old when he died, and was running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Had he lived, he might well have been elected as the 37th president […]