Bill would create legal fund for manufactured housing

DOVER — To the delight of the handful of advocates watching, the Senate approved legislation Thursday that would create a shared legal fund for residents of manufactured housing communities. The measure, which passed the House in March, now goes back to the other chamber because senators attached an amendment. While the House vote was close, […]

Commentary: Remember the unsheltered during Holy Week

As many of us walk with Jesus through Holy Week this week, please remember the unsheltered in our county who carry heavy crosses of exhaustion, of stress, of rejection, of hunger, of homelessness, of the lack of resources and the lack of a place to belong. I believe that in the eyes of our unsheltered […]

Commentary: How to level the housing playing field

Ten years after the housing market crash, we are still a nation at risk. If we are not careful, we could find ourselves plunging head-first into a repeat crash. Despite gains in more responsible lending, we are still ignoring the lessons learned. One of the most significant lessons is that partnering with an organization that […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Manufactured housing tenants – vote Democratic

The manufactured housing tenants must unite to effectively stop landowners from continuing predatory pricing practices. In 2013, then-Gov. Jack Markell signed the Rent Justification Act sponsored by Democrat Bruce Ennis and co-sponsored by several others in his party. The law was enacted to finally give over 70,000 tenants in almost 200 manufactured home communities protection […]

Habitat dedicates home built in four days

WYOMING — Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity (CDHFH) dedicated a house on Monday built by an army of volunteers in just four days. The speed-built project, known as a Builders Blitz, is a five bedroom, two-and-a-half bath house on Pine Street in Wyoming. The build, hosted by Lessard Builders — a family-owned construction firm based […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are landowners engaging in predatory pricing practices?

When the Rent Justification Act that was enacted to finally give over 50,000 Delaware tenants in manufactured home communities protection from unscrupulous landowners that have been using predatory pricing practices against defenseless tenants, the new law was to have provided protection to tenants from landowners that continue to believe they have the right to raise […]

Bill would give tax break to first-time homebuyers

  DOVER — Lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a bill to exempt first-time homebuyers from an increase in the realty transfer tax enacted last summer. To balance the budget, the General Assembly bumped the tax on home sales from 3 to 4 percent in July, against protests from realtors and some legislators. That tax is split […]

Delaware foreclosures among highest in nation

DOVER — As of February one of every 1,012 “units” in the state was a foreclosure, said Bayard Williams, president of the Delaware Association of Realtors. This puts Delaware among the top five states in the nation in terms of high foreclosure rates. Despite the dubious ranking, Mr. Williams believes there is reason for optimism. […]

Long road to home: Central Delaware Habitat offers rigorous path to housing

DOVER — Jennifer Cordova does not like to use the word “dream” when it comes to describing what the Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity does in relation to providing affordable home ownership to families. Ms. Cordova, the family services director for the CDHFH, said her background is similar to many of the individuals who apply […]

The Preserve at Whatcoat hoping for bright future

DOVER — The results of a major $17.5 million rehabilitation of apartment units, a more positive and secure living environment and a new name now greet the residents of The Preserve at Whatcoat every day. The five-building, rent-restricted 78-unit apartment complex off Saulsbury Road, formerly known as Whatcoat Village Apartments, had gained a reputation as […]