A home for the holidays: Habitat for Humanity fulfills family dream in Frederica

FREDERICA — It doesn’t look like much right now, with just a concrete foundation and one wooden wall frame erected at 13 David St., in Frederica, but it is enough to contain the hopes and dreams of Michelle Statts and her children. Ms. Statts became the latest dreamer to become involved in a home-building project […]

Proposal would cap tax break for some first-time homebuyers

DOVER — A task force is recommending lawmakers modify a program for first-time homebuyers by allowing the counties to place a cap on an exemption from the realty transfer tax. Currently, an individual who is buying a first home in Delaware is exempt from a portion of the realty transfer tax. Purchase of any property […]

Middletown upscale development tied to sports complex

  MIDDLETOWN — The complicated relationship between a town and Maryland entrepreneur includes court-terminated lease agreement involving the proposed Delaware Sports Complex last week. Next week, the Town of Middletown and Daniel Watson of Easton, Maryland, may face another separate dilemma involving a nearly completed clubhouse and swimming pool, along with an unfinished golf course […]

COMMENTARY: Making housing more expensive no way to solve Delaware budget woes

In case you weren’t paying attention over the July Fourth holiday weekend, Delaware’s elected representatives decided to “solve” the budget problems by raising the real estate transfer tax from 3 percent to 4 percent — making it one of the highest in the nation. Don’t be fooled. This “solution” is not a solution at all. […]

Dover, Milford entities receive $1.5M in grants to build new houses

WILMINGTON — Dover’s NCALL Research and the Milford Housing Development Corporation will receive a combined $1.5 million in funding for new houses from Delaware’s Strong Neighborhoods Housing Fund on Monday. NCALL will receive $1 million for 20 new housing units in Dover and Milford Housing Development Corporation will get $500,000 for 10 new units in […]

COMMENTARY: Empowering the homeless to take the next step

The term “homeless” describes a current and temporary condition for many and is not a characteristic of a person. It is a condition. Many people experience this condition for periods of time when drastic changes such as job loss and family breakups occur. Everyone wonders what it takes to change a person’s condition from homeless […]

Homeless: ‘Anyone can be here’

The men and women asking for money at intersections and convenience store entrances. The dozens staying in Code Purple shelters on bitterly cold nights and visiting soup kitchens to stave off hunger. The people who many citizens may try to avoid eye contact with in passing. Many of these people walk around the city all […]

Public library a refuge for Dover’s homeless

DOVER — They are the first people to arrive at the Dover Public Library when the doors swing open each day and the last people to leave. Margery Cyr, director of the library, said the group isn’t a bunch of hardworking students who can’t get enough studying done; rather, it is the city’s homeless population. […]

Dover mayor’s panel seeks solutions to homelessness

DOVER — Dover Mayor Robin R. Christiansen figures the more minds he has involved in trying to figure out how to solve the homeless issue in the city, the more possible solutions he will get. That’s why he decided to put together a 13-member Blue Ribbon Panel on Homelessness near the end of last year […]

Homeless find voice at Dover City Council meetings

DOVER — Aaron Appling, pastor of Victory Church, just wanted to give a face and a voice to what he considers to be an often overlooked homeless population scattered throughout Dover. So Pastor Appling gathered around 100 homeless people on the evening of Aug. 22, 2016, and brought them to City Hall. Mr. Appling and […]