Mexico begins flying, busing migrants back to Honduras

CIUDAD HIDALGO, Mexico — Hundreds of Central American migrants who waded across a river into Mexico in hopes of eventually reaching the U.S. were sent back to their homeland or retreated across the border Tuesday after Mexican troops blocked their way. Fewer than 100 remained in the no-man’s land along the river between Guatemala and […]

Texas governor to reject new refugees, first under Trump

HOUSTON — Texas will no longer accept the resettlement of new refugees, becoming the first state known to do so under a recent Trump administration order, Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday. Abbott’s announcement could have major implications for refugees coming to the United States. Texas has large refugee populations in several of its cities and […]

Commentary: Report points to huge immigration issue in America

The Migration Policy Institute, which describes itself as a nonpartisan think tank that seeks “to improve immigration” through its research and analysis, recently published a report stating that in FY 2018 the State Department issued 9 million temporary visas to nonimmigrants. Although the 2018 total represents a 7 percent decline from FY 2017, 9 million […]

First ‘Dreamer’ graduates from Delaware State University

DOVER — When Dulce Guerrero accepted her diploma during Delaware State University’s commencement Saturday, she reached a milestone. “It’s something I’ve been looking forward to. It’s something that I had to put on hold for five years, because of the barriers that existed in the state of Georgia,” she said Friday, her last day as […]

Letter to the Editor: Health care: Immigrants or veterans

Ms. Blunt-Rochester: Your comments of Nov. 22 at Delaware State University show you are fiscally irresponsible and detached from constituents. An elected representative of Delaware pathetically says this is not an “either or” situation. You treat our Treasury as a bottomless pit. The “situation” with migrants and illegal immigrants is among the “either or” elements […]

Speak Out: Immigrants over veterans?

Backing recent legislation to establish uniform medical screening processes for migrants apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol didn’t minimize the importance of supporting veterans, U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester stressed at a town hall style meeting. “It was not a choice between veterans and illegal people,” she said before a diverse gathering of 150 or […]

Letter to the Editor: Choice is not immigrants over veterans

In a commentary on Nov. 18 in the DSN by Jane Brady, current chairwoman of the Delaware Republican Party, she asserted that experts have said that it will take another nine years to create an electronic medical records system (EHR) for all our injured in combat veterans and those who develop health issues, while she […]

Commentary: To whom do we owe more – our vets or immigrants in custody?

Recently, the House of Representatives passed a bill (HR3525) that would require the federal government to create a universal electronic medical records system for the benefit of individuals in the custody of the Border Patrol (illegal immigrants) within 90 days. It is important that doctors treating any patient know all that patient’s medical issues, prescribed […]

Letter to the Editor: Points to ponder

Does anyone remember when the government declared war on drugs years ago? Maybe back in the 80s or 90s? Seems as though that war is still ongoing and getting worse by the day. To make matters worse, rehabilitation centers are popping up all over the place, where they give away or charge a small fee […]

US held record number of migrant children in custody in 2019

COMAYAGUA, Honduras — The 3-year-old girl traveled for weeks cradled in her father’s arms, as he set out to seek asylum in the United States. Now she won’t even look at him. After being forcibly separated at the border by government officials, sexually abused in U.S. foster care and deported, the once bright and beaming […]

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