Biden-Sanders task forces unveil joint goals for party unity

WASHINGTON — Political task forces Joe Biden formed with onetime rival Bernie Sanders to solidify support among the Democratic Party’s progressive wing recommended Wednesday that the former vice president embrace proposals to combat climate change and institutional racism while expanding health care coverage and rebuilding a coronavirus-ravaged economy. But they stopped short of urging Biden’s […]

Biden wants US to produce more of its own pandemic supplies

WASHINGTON — Joe Biden is promising to shift production of medical equipment and other key pandemic-fighting products “back to U.S. soil,” creating jobs and bolstering a domestic supply chain he says has been exposed as inadequate and vulnerable by the coronavirus outbreak. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign released a plan Tuesday to reinforce stockpiles […]

Ex-Bush officials launch super PAC backing Biden over Trump

WASHINGTON — A group of former George W. Bush administration and campaign officials have launched a new super PAC supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the latest in a growing number of Republican groups to come out in support of Biden over President Donald Trump. The group, 43 Alumni for Biden, has recruited at least […]

Biden: Trump has failed at home on virus, abroad with Putin

WILMINGTON — Joe Biden took aggressive aim Tuesday at President Donald Trump’s fitness for the Oval Office, suggesting he has abdicated his duty to protect U.S. troops facing Russian threats abroad and American citizens facing a pandemic and economic calamity at home. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, told reporters Trump has “a lot to […]

‘Why not a Black woman?’ Consensus grows around Biden’s VP pick

WASHINGTON — Joe Biden is facing growing calls to select a Black woman as his running mate as an acknowledgement of their critical role in the Democratic Party and a response to the nationwide protests against racism and inequality. The shifting dynamics were clear late Thursday when Amy Klobuchar took herself out of contention for […]

Biden calls on Trump to ‘wake up’ to havoc caused by virus

DARBY, Pa. — Joe Biden unleashed a stinging critique Wednesday of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus, calling on Trump to “wake up” to the havoc caused by the pandemic and do more to prevent further harm. “Donald Trump wants to style himself as a wartime president,” the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said at […]

Biden gets more aggressive as 2020 campaign heats back up

PHILADELPHIA — Joe Biden is adopting an increasingly aggressive stance as he looks to break out of a monthslong campaign freeze imposed by the coronavirus outbreak. Over the course of 24 hours, the presumptive Democratic nominee sharpened his rhetoric against President Donald Trump, warning he could try to steal the election. His campaign organized a […]

Anatomy of a political comeback: How Biden earned nomination

BALTIMORE — It seemed easy to write off Joe Biden. The former vice president came across as easily blindsided at debates. The crowds at his presidential campaign speeches were far from stadium size. Other Democratic candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg each had moments of radiating a kinetic energy, while Biden […]

Biden targets Trump’s ‘disastrous’ pandemic response in DSU speech

DOVER — Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden on Friday called President Donald Trump’s pandemic response a disaster that cost thousands of American lives and millions of American jobs. “Let’s be clear about something. The depth of this job crisis is not attributable to an act of God but to a failure of a president,” said […]

Biden speaks in front of select group at DSU

DOVER — U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke to America from Delaware State University via livestream Friday, a 13-minute speech witnessed in person by a select group that included media, campaign staff and DSU representatives. Vice President Biden’s staff sought out the DSU campus as a venue for his speech to the nation, in which […]