Class of 2016: Lake Forest High School

Lake Forest High School’s Class of 2016: Valedictorian: Stephanie Jayne Lynn Salutatorian: Clinton Cole Rumley * National Honor Society Hunter Paul Adams *Austin David Aguilar Ariel Autumn Allen Christopher Lewis Andrieux Lillian Rae Ayers Alyssa Marie Banks Ebony Renee Banks William Anthony Banks Victoria Ashley Marie Bartlett-Cunningham Caitlyn Elizabeth Bauer Lenisha Evet Benson Eric Matthew […]

Lake Forest stuns Delmar on bizarre final play

FELTON — Austin Aguilar stood in the end zone, raising the ball above his head for the whole stadium to see with one hand and motioning to the referees, or really anyone would listen, with his other.

Few people were paying any attention to Aguilar though. About 40 yards away from him, the Delmar High football team was in a dogpile, celebrating what it thought was its first victory of the season.

Finally the referees confirmed what Aguilar thought. He had scored a touchdown with no time remaining to give Lake Forest High a 19-14 win on homecoming Saturday afternoon in a Henlopen Conference Southern Division clash.

Aguilar, Lake’s senior kicker, was attempting a potential game-winning 18-yard field goal with a second left on the final play. But the kick was blocked and the Wildcats stormed upfield as their bench ran to mob the defense.

The ball never crossed the line of scrimmage which Aguilar realized meant the play was still live. He ran back to scoop it up around the 11-yard line and carried it for his first ever touchdown.

“I was standing there (in the end zone) waiting for someone to react to me,” Aguilar said. “Even my own teammates had no idea I was back there.”

(See WBOC’s video.)

Three Delaware schools earn national blue ribbons

DOVER — Three Delaware schools are among 335 schools that U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recognized Tuesday as 2015 National Blue Ribbon Schools, based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in improving student academic achievement. Caesar Rodney district’s W. B. Simpson Elementary School, Lake Forest East Elementary School and Cape Henlopen High […]

Wynder promoted to top job in Lake Forest School District

FELTON — Dr. Brenda G. Wynder has been selected as the next superintendent for the Lake Forest School District.

Dr. Wynder, who is currently the chief academic officer for Lake Forest, will assume the role of superintendent effective Aug. 17.