Letter to the Editor: Remembering Frank Robinson

Admittedly I am not much of a baseball fan these days, even after Little League, Pony League and a run at high school baseball. That baseball was very elusive when I was at the plate. But the recent death of Frank Robinson revived some really great memories about the Robinson Boys — Frank and Brooks […]

COMMENTARY: Guilt before innocence: The assassination of Lady Justice

  There is a wind of change in philosophy and democracy that has suddenly become a raging inferno that, if left unchecked, will annihilate the very fabric and foundation of America’s justice system. Lady Justice has endured attempts to subvert and change her in times past but never has it been so explicit such as […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support for Jeff Hall for Levy Court

We are writing in support of Jeff Hall for Levy Court commissioner. Jeff is a dedicated husband and father, in addition to his community work through Holy Cross Church and Camden-Wyoming Rotary. We’ve watched as Jeff began his door-to-door campaign on Labor Day last year and quickly adapted to the most important role of a […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sexual harassment cases too long in the dark

Another high profile sexual harassment case years in the making finally comes to light. Seems a bit odd they only come to light when the supposed perpetrator runs for office, or is already in office. Why not settle the matter when it happens instead of waiting half a lifetime? That’s not to say there isn’t […]

Letter to the Editor: Support DIMH market

Each Wednesday during the summer season, Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing (DIMH) has a booth full of goodies at the open air market in the heart of downtown Dover. Right between State Street and Governor’s Avenue. The best time to get some of those goodies is on your lunch hour – between 11 and 1:30. […]

What’s the matter with Trump today?

Just a little play on words by paraphrasing the old fun song “What’s the matter with kids today?” that was the first observation I thought of when I listened and viewed the five prior presidents lamenting the actions on the current governmental process and guidance from the Oval Office though not formally naming our current […]

Letter to the Editor: Prevention is the main issue in mass shootings

In my work on criminal justice reform, I have noticed that in America we tend to politicize important issues too much, and this gets in the way of constructive change. What do I mean? The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst in our history, gives us one example of what I mean. Does […]

Letter to the Editor: Marijuana ‘a gateway drug’ not supported by evidence

With legislation pending to legalize marijuana in Delaware, some of the comments from opponents show how badly we have misinformed our citizens during the 40-year-long “war on drugs”! Perhaps the most telling sign of this is the comment that marijuana is “a gateway drug”… suggesting that legalization will lead pot smokers to meth, crack cocaine, […]

Commentary: Presidential health matter of national security

When a United States citizen files to become a candidate for federal office and the Office of the President, that person is required to submit two documents for consideration: personal income and periodic disclosures of campaign finances. Any requirement for details of the candidate’s health are not in play because this is considered an invasion […]

Letter to the Editor: Tax bill sticker shock in Milford

On Aug. 11, 2016, a neighbor emailed me about our upcoming Sussex County tax bill — “Wait until you see your bill; you’re going to crap!” Sure enough, I looked online, and our Milford school tax went up an additional $519 this year. I called the Sussex County Tax Department and was told it is […]