Scenic Delaware: Magnolia landscape

Dietmar Panzig of Magnolia took this photo in Magnolia on Nov. 3.

Letter to the Editor: How soon they forget?

Judging from Mr. Hesterman’s letter on Nov. 4 (“Respect missing from the political discourse of left”) I’m assuming that his political leanings are to the right of center. While I applaud his call for mutual respect it seems he has is another victim of selective amnesia. He talks about the lack of respect coming from […]

Scenic Delaware: Pier-ing through

Renate Purdy of Dover took this photo of the pier on Trap Shooters Road in Magnolia on Oct. 3.

Letter to the Editor: Let’s hold off on that ‘blue wave’ come Election Day

Perhaps Ms. Dorothy Mallozzi should have waited a few days before penning her “Republicans taking voters for fools” letter (Nov. 3). The entire substance of her comments were the same old tired Democratic talking points that have finally awakened millions who were formerly Democrats. I’m also not sure that the analogy of a “blue-footed booby” […]

Letter to the Editor: Respect missing from the political discourse of left

Take a deep breath in. Let it out. Now, please stop talking for five minutes. This is my request of the unhinged left who have become so irate in almost every facet of American politics. I have no ill will for those on the left and honestly believe they have the best interest for our […]

Scenic Delaware: On Lake Bernard

Ken Hyland of Magnolia took this photo at Lake Bernard, Champions Club, in Magnolia on Sept. 3.

‘Little Library’ book exchange installed at Magnolia Fire Hall

MAGNOLIA — Kent County installed its fifth “Little Library” on Oct. 6. The new free book exchange booth is located behind the Magnolia Fire Co. at 2 North Main St. in Magnolia. County staff and Magnolia Fire Hall personnel turned out for an opening ceremony. Kent County spokeswoman Kelly Pitts said this newest addition is […]

Magnolia residence  struck by gunfire

MAGNOLIA — A residence in the 900 block of Peachtree Run was struck by gunfire Wednesday morning, Delaware State Police. Spokeswoman Master Cpl. Melissa Jaffe said troopers were dispatched to a shots fired complaint at 10 a.m. and told by a 77-year-old male resident that he heard several loud bangs appearing to be gunshots about […]

Drug investigation nets nine in Magnolia

crime  tape by .

  MAGNOLIA — Nine arrests resulted during the culmination of a three-month drug investigation on Tuesday, the Delaware State Police announced. Search warrants were executed in the unit block of Terry Drive and 100 block of Woodville Drive in Meadowbrook Acres and authorities said $1,115 in suspected drug proceeds, 26.34 grams of crack cocaine, 436 […]

Magnolia man charged in Dover shooting incident

  DOVER — A 23-year-old Magnolia man has been arrested in alleged connection to a Sept. 1 shooting incident at Alder Park Apartments, authorities said Thursday. The Delaware State Police alleged that Khalil-Mahl T. Hanzer struck two persons in the head with a handgun during an apartment party and then discharged the weapon before fleeing. […]