Letter to the Editor: Double standard on marijuana legalization

I find it interesting that the Medical Society of Delaware opposes marijuana due to lack of research. Cannabis has been around for centuries. How much time do they need to study the plant? It sure didn’t take them long to research and approve opioid pharmaceuticals that have destroyed our country. I have yet to find […]

Letter to the Editor: No to recreational marijuana

We, the undersigned, as presidents of our state medical societies, have joined together to express our mutual opposition regarding our states’ approval of any policies that legalize recreational marijuana. We have serious concerns about the lack of scientific evidence that supports recreational marijuana use by adults and young adults. Most importantly, not enough research has […]

Letter to the Editor: Stop lying about marijuana

Regarding the commentary “Legalizing marijuana has consequences” by State Rep. Lyndon Yearick – DSN, Feb. 24) This is true! When marijuana is legalized and you can simply grow your own; 100 percent of the crime from illegal marijuana will vanish and the largest illegal drug dealer in the state of Delaware, which is the state […]

Hawaii decides again not to legalize marijuana

HONOLULU — On the political spectrum, Hawaii is among the bluest of states. Democrats control all the levers of power at the state and federal levels, and voters back Democratic presidential candidates over Republicans by some of the widest margins in the U.S. The state has committed to the Paris climate agreement that President Donald […]

Speak Out: Legalizing marijuana

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by state Rep. Lyndon Yearick headlined “Legalizing recreational marijuana creates consequences for our youth.” • Good points, but have we learned anything from Colorado? There is no comparison made between before and after cannabis was legalized. If so, were the benchmarks the same then as now? How does this […]

Commentary: Legalizing recreational marijuana creates consequences for our youth

I oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana. Proponents have made multiple arguments in favor of legalization, but none of these rationalizations justifies the impact increasing the availability of cannabis could have on Delaware’s children and young adults. I am deeply troubled over the ample evidence that marijuana use among juveniles undermines their health and academic […]

Speak Out: Recreational cannabis

Readers reacted to a recent letter headlined “The time has come for recreational cannabis”. • The state police can’t stop people from getting their fifth, sixth or seventh DUI, and ya’ll think this will be any different? — Brian Watts • Then what’s the difference if they make it legal? — Jess Mortillfem • The […]

Letter to the Editor: The time has come for recreational cannabis

I attended the Smyrna Town Hall meeting on Jan. 30 and asked our governor about the potential for legalization/regulation of cannabis in the First State. What I heard in response, though, left me with cold. He seemed to ignore any financial benefits of a well-designed program that could bring much-needed funds into Delaware, despite the […]

UD poll: Most favor legal weed, universal health care

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DOVER — A majority of Delawareans continue to support legal marijuana, and a similar ratio backs universal health care, according to a new poll released by the University of Delaware Wednesday night. Overseen by the university’s Center for Political Communication and conducted in the middle of September, the poll surveyed 995 Delawareans on several hot […]

COMMENTARY: Are states winning the marijuana tug-of-war?

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It might appear that sooner or later states legalizing the use of marijuana, contrary to federal law, will be crushed in federal courts. After all, federal laws, according to Article IV of the U.S. Constitution, are the supreme laws of the land and preempt state laws. But wait. States, not the U.S. Congress, are showing […]