Speak Out: Recreational cannabis

Readers reacted to a recent letter headlined “The time has come for recreational cannabis”. • The state police can’t stop people from getting their fifth, sixth or seventh DUI, and ya’ll think this will be any different? — Brian Watts • Then what’s the difference if they make it legal? — Jess Mortillfem • The […]

Letter to the Editor: The time has come for recreational cannabis

I attended the Smyrna Town Hall meeting on Jan. 30 and asked our governor about the potential for legalization/regulation of cannabis in the First State. What I heard in response, though, left me with cold. He seemed to ignore any financial benefits of a well-designed program that could bring much-needed funds into Delaware, despite the […]

UD poll: Most favor legal weed, universal health care

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DOVER — A majority of Delawareans continue to support legal marijuana, and a similar ratio backs universal health care, according to a new poll released by the University of Delaware Wednesday night. Overseen by the university’s Center for Political Communication and conducted in the middle of September, the poll surveyed 995 Delawareans on several hot […]

COMMENTARY: Are states winning the marijuana tug-of-war?

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It might appear that sooner or later states legalizing the use of marijuana, contrary to federal law, will be crushed in federal courts. After all, federal laws, according to Article IV of the U.S. Constitution, are the supreme laws of the land and preempt state laws. But wait. States, not the U.S. Congress, are showing […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Behind the eight ball

If only our legislators could learn (or admit!) the facts! I see again that in voting down legalization of marijuana in Delaware, our legislators are woefully uninformed about the issue. Comments by some who oppose legalization evidence this truth. They are behind the eight ball, not only because more than 60 percent of Delawareans favor […]

Marijuana legalization bill fails in House

DOVER — By a 21-15 vote, with five abstentions, the House defeated legislation Wednesday that sought to make Delaware the 10th state with legal marijuana. Although the measure garnered a majority, it needed 25 votes because of a provision creating new fees. The vote was just one step in the process for the bill, which […]

Medical marijuana dispensary opening in Smyrna

SMYRNA – Columbia Care is set to become the second medical marijuana operator in Delaware when it officially opens the Compassion Center in Smyrna — the first in Kent County — to qualifying patients on Friday. The medical marijuana dispensary is located at 200 South DuPont Boulevard in Smyrna and will be the first in […]

Traffic stop leads to drug arrest of Frankford man

SELBYVILLE — A traffic stop Saturday afternoon in Selbyville led to the discovery of marijuana and suspected drug proceeds by Delaware State Police. Police said the incident occurred at approximately 1:40 p.m. when a trooper observed a black Nissan Altima make an illegal U-turn on Lighthouse Road east of Zion Church Road. A traffic stop […]

Pot task force releases report amidst turmoil and disputes

DOVER — After serious confusion, including an initial failure to gain a majority of members, a task force looking at issues around marijuana legalization voted to release to the General Assembly and governor a report summarizing six months’ worth of discussions, despite some members questioning the process and whether the group met its goals. Rep. […]

Dazed and confused: Marijuana task force meeting adjourns in controversy, disarray

DOVER — Wednesday’s meeting of a task force examining issues around marijuana legalization left more questions than it answered and resulted in at least one member concluding the group had failed to meet its stated purpose. A vote to release the task force’s report was initially thought to have succeeded only for it to be […]