Traffic stop leads to drug arrest of Frankford man

SELBYVILLE — A traffic stop Saturday afternoon in Selbyville led to the discovery of marijuana and suspected drug proceeds by Delaware State Police. Police said the incident occurred at approximately 1:40 p.m. when a trooper observed a black Nissan Altima make an illegal U-turn on Lighthouse Road east of Zion Church Road. A traffic stop […]

Pot task force releases report amidst turmoil and disputes

DOVER — After serious confusion, including an initial failure to gain a majority of members, a task force looking at issues around marijuana legalization voted to release to the General Assembly and governor a report summarizing six months’ worth of discussions, despite some members questioning the process and whether the group met its goals. Rep. […]

Dazed and confused: Marijuana task force meeting adjourns in controversy, disarray

DOVER — Wednesday’s meeting of a task force examining issues around marijuana legalization left more questions than it answered and resulted in at least one member concluding the group had failed to meet its stated purpose. A vote to release the task force’s report was initially thought to have succeeded only for it to be […]

TV travel host promotes legalized pot

DOVER — Heated viewpoints on recreational marijuana collided at Legislative Hall on Wednesday. Advocates for policy reform claimed laws prohibiting use of the drug were a breach of civil liberties and empowered and enriched organized crime. They also said prohibition laws are ineffective in addressing addiction rates and even went as far as calling the […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cannabis prohibition just doesn’t work

I recently attended the Delaware Citizens’ Cannabis Lobby Day at Legislative Hall in Dover and came away convinced that now is time for the state of Delaware to approve House Bill 110, legalizing adult recreational use of cannabis. Prohibition doesn’t work. It didn’t work with alcohol, a far more dangerous drug than cannabis, and it […]

Marijuana and youth: A harmful combination?

    DOVER — As some advocates fight to legalize marijuana, others are warning of unintended consequences they say could carry a serious cost: the next generation. The debate about marijuana legalization has intensified tremendously in recent years, as states around the nation have begun approving recreational use. Delaware is seeking to become the ninth […]

Legislators returning Tuesday after difficult 2017

DOVER — After one of the most trying final months of a legislative term in living memory, legislators return this week with hopes 2018 will be smoother. The second leg of the 149th General Assembly begins Tuesday, kicking off a six-month period that officials are sure will be eventful. Between now and the early morning […]

Legal pot’s future still hazy here

DOVER — By the end of 2018, you might be able to legally buy marijuana at specialized stores in Delaware. But if that seems too good to be true, keep in mind that first, some hurdles probably have to be overcome. House Bill 110, introduced in March, is set to be reconsidered soon. Legislators return […]

Is legal pot good or bad? Depends who you ask

DOVER — If marijuana is legalized, the chairman of the Delaware Police Chiefs’ Council believes users of the drug should be required to have a special driver’s license that would prohibit them from buying a firearm. William Bryson, the chief of the Camden Police Department, made the comment at a Wednesday meeting of a task […]

COMMENTARY: Myth vs. fact regarding recreational marijuana

The Delaware General Assembly should not vote to violate federal law, risk the health and safety of children and teens, put our education system at risk, cause significant employment problems, strain our social services systems, and endanger all who use Delaware’s roads by legalizing and commercializing the recreational use of marijuana as proposed by House […]