Commentary: Marijuana edibles dangerous to children

By Dr. Mary Lee Every day, over 300 children in the United States ages 0 to 19 are treated in an emergency department for poison exposures. For children younger than 6 years old, 99.4% of these exposures are unintentional. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, medication is the leading cause of poisoning in kids—leading to the […]

Commentary: Recreational marijuana has harmful effects

By Butch Dunn For years I have hounded my representatives about the lack of full and comprehensive medical research on the long term effects of recreational marijuana. (Medical marijuana is not part of this discussion!) It only falls on deaf ears though as they merely see revenue generation for the state of Delaware. With all […]

Letter to the Editor: AAA misguided on marijuana

While Mr. Grant and AAA are well-intentioned, I respectfully suggest that their position on marijuana legalization is the wrong one (“Commentary: AAA concerned about marijuana’s effect on driving”). First, they are mistaken to say “wait for more data to better understand the societal implications of full legalization.” “Good Grief Charlie Brown”; all the data available […]

State unveils new hemp growing rules

DOVER — The Delaware Department of Agriculture recently released registration materials for the state’s hemp program online. The First State’s domestic hemp production program is fee-based, as outlined in the guide and applications that can be viewed at Compared to the pilot program launched last year, a number of changes have been made, including […]

Commentary: AAA concerned about marijuana’s effect on driving

By Ken Grant As Delaware and other states in the Mid-Atlantic region consider the legalization and commercialization of recreational marijuana, AAA and other organizations have echoed the cautious advice from governors in states that have fully legalized. Namely, wait for more data to better understand the societal implications of full legalization. AAA is specifically concerned […]

Delaware lawmakers eye revisions to medical marijuana rules

DOVER — The sponsor of a bill allowing medical marijuana patients in Delaware to grow their own pot said Wednesday that he was tabling the measure to buy time to gain support for the proposal. The bill sponsored by Rep. Michael Smith allows a patient to have up to six mature plants and six immature […]

Harrington K-9 alerts officers to large stash of marijuana

HARRINGTON — A New York man was arrested after the alleged discovery of approximately 8.48 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle Monday night, Harrington Police spokesman Sgt. Earl K. Brode said. K-9 Marshall first alerted officers to the possible presence of narcotics during an 8:39 p.m. traffic stop on U.S. 13 near Porter Street, authorities […]

Commentary: Biden’s stance on marijuana out of touch, harmful

By Ken Abraham Wow. He lost my vote! I have known Joe Biden since we both were young lawyers in Delaware in the ‘70s, and I used to think he’d be OK for president, with all the experience he got as Obama’s VP. Not anymore, due to his stance on federal marijuana law! He says […]

Commentary: Tainted vape scare increases need to legalize marijuana

In the latest development in the ongoing vape crisis, the CDC announced last week that Vitamin E acetate, an additive used to dilute product and maximize profits, had been found in all of the lung fluid samples collected from individuals who had been diagnosed with e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI). Citing […]

Marijuana vape sales lag as lung illnesses rise in US

PORTLAND, Ore. — Vaping products, one of the fastest-growing segments of the legal marijuana industry, have taken a hit from consumers as public health experts scramble to determine what’s causing a mysterious and sometimes fatal lung disease among people who use e-cigarettes. The ailment has sickened at least 805 people and killed 13. Some vaped […]