Commentary: Delaware Medicare patients at risk from proposed program revisions

By John Gardner The way Medicare currently pays for the prescription drugs beneficiaries need is being challenged by a bill that, in the sole interest of cutting government’s costs, would make it more difficult for patients to access medications and diminish investments in new drug research. This pet bill of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, H.R. […]

Letter to the Editor: Saving Medicare and Social Security

Accurately laying out the facts is necessary to counter a commentary regarding Social Security and Medicare in the DSN on 04/10/19 from Mr. Daniels titled, “Will Democrats push country to Socialism”? Mr. Daniels covered a hoard of subjects that would take a short story to respond too. For the sake of brevity, the focus here […]

Medicare: Rules for those with higher income

If you have higher income, the law requires an upward adjustment to your monthly Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and Medicare prescription drug coverage premiums. But, if your income has gone down, you may use form SSA-44 to request a reduction in your Medicare income-related monthly adjustment amount. Medicare Part B helps pay for your […]

Letter to the Editor: Prescription drug costs and Delaware seniors

A new proposal could reduce Delaware seniors’ pharmacy bills Delawareans spend lots on prescription drugs. Each year, the average resident spends about $1,500 on them, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Seniors face particularly high and unpredictable costs, since they generally need more medications than younger folks. Fortunately, a new proposal from the Department of […]

COMMENTARY: Ten things to know about your new Medicare card

Soon, new Medicare cards will be mailed to the nearly 60 million people who receive Medicare benefits across America. The main reason for new Medicare cards is to replace the Social Security number with a new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier, or “Medicare Number” for short. This change will help protect your identity and reduce medical and […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let insurers fight for Medicare drug discounts

First State seniors have a right to be upset with Congress for tampering with their healthcare. Some lawmakers are advancing a bill that would let federal officials micromanage seniors’ Medicare “Part D” drug plans. The meddling could cause more than 120,000 Delawareans to lose access to lifesaving medicines. Congress implemented Medicare Part D more than […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicare for all best answer to health care riddle

I have read several letters from your readers concerning the repeal of Obamacare and would like to make some comments, as well as add some facts to this conversation. The people of this country have a major decision to make: Is health care a commodity whose sole purpose is to make money for corporations and […]