Commentary: Junior ROTC alive and well at Polytech High

Maybe you have heard rumors about the Junior ROTC program at Polytech. Maybe you heard the program is going away. Maybe you’ve heard there’s no more flight program. Well, let’s get rid of the rumors and misunderstandings once and for all! The Air Force JROTC program at Polytech High School is alive and well and […]

Letter to the Editor: Don’t overlook female veterans

I belong to a car club, The First State Corvette Club, which sponsors Home of The Brave which gives housing and guidance to our needed veterans. I’m proud to do this as all the members are. In December 2012, the first home for women veterans was opened. Some of these female veterans come with children […]

National Guard deployment ceremony offers support for families

DOVER — The kisses were plentiful, and those hugs were squeezed just a little bit tighter and longer, as nearly 300 soldiers from the Delaware Army National Guard’s 198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion met up with family members following a deployment ceremony at Delaware State University’s Alumni Stadium on Saturday morning. It was an emotional day […]

Letter to the Editor: Risking all while we pay peanuts

What’s wrong with this picture? Our sons and daughters leave home and family in order to protect us, the residents of the richest nation on Earth. They do it damn well. Many are deployed in harm’s way. Too many are injured, and some never return. When they do return, and for all soldiers, sailors, Marines, […]

Commentary; My memorable visit to Air Force Basic Training

The U.S. Air Force continues to graduate the best and the brightest of America’s sons and daughters from the 37th Training Wing at Joint Base San Antonio. On May 3, 2019, I stood in awe as 790 Airmen marched in unison and put on full display the disciplined instruction that they had received over an […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘I saw the sign and followed it’

Today will not only feature fireworks and barbecues, but also plenty of speeches by public figures celebrating and acknowledging our freedoms. But beyond the fabulous displays that stir bad memories in some veterans, the fireworks remind us of the hard won conflicts that resulted in the freedoms many take for granted. Dover’s Green features a […]

Trump tells D-Day veterans they’re among greatest Americans

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — On a bluff overlooking Omaha Beach, President Donald Trump on Thursday lauded the heroism of American and Allied service members who participated in the D-Day invasion, saying they “they came wave after wave without question, without hesitation and without complaint.” Trump joined other world leaders at Normandy American Cemetery in France to […]

Letter to the Editor: Who remembers?

Now seventy-five years But who still remembers The B17s, and the B24s And their gallant crew members? Pearl Harbor and so it starts POWs and Purple Hearts Soldiers and tanks Sailors and Yanks. Enlisted or drafted or ASTP, Many awarded the C I B. SONAR and RADAR, FUBAR, SNAFU, The names and places, the jargon […]

Trump reads from FDR’s prayer to the US on D-Day

PORTSMOUTH, England — President Donald Trump read from a prayer delivered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as he joined other world leaders and veterans Wednesday in marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Roosevelt went on national radio on June 6, 1944, to address the U.S. for the first time about the Normandy invasion. Trump, with […]

Commentary: D-Day 75 years later – Glory never fades

Above the Pointe du Hoc cliffs of Normandy, several United States presidents have commemorated D-Day anniversaries. Of those, perhaps Ronald Reagan’s 40th anniversary speech is most remembered. Partway into his speech, President Reagan asked the question of the courageous American and allied troops who landed, flew over, parachuted in, or served on Navy ships actively […]