LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Of misleading numbers and the minimum wage

In response to Mr. Clemens’ [Opinion page] article in the State News on 1/12/17 (“Justice needs to be on the bargaining table”), I would like to start by saying thank you for reading my Opinion page] article of 1/2/17 [“The election, the future of our nation and Delaware”], and then responding. To be sure, we […]

2016 in Review: Looking back, politics revealed a divided Delaware

DOVER — We will remember 2016 mostly for its politics. It was the year that Donald Trump landed his helicopter in Harrington and made a rollicking pitch to “Make America Great Again” on his unconventional journey to the White House. The Delaware State Fairgrounds stop was a red, white and blue rally like no other […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democracy is dead

One hundred years ago, 1916, during an election year, Louis Brandeis was nominated — and confirmed — to the Supreme Court, where he served with great distinction for many years. Seventeen years later, in 1933, he made a very astute observation in one of his opinions: “Through size, corporations, once merely an efficient tool employed […]

Minimum wage hike proposal stopped by Delaware House panel

DOVER — A House committee failed to release to the full chamber Wednesday a bill that would raise the state’s minimum wage by $2 over the next four years. After the House Economic Development Committee heard arguments and testimony for well over an hour, the bill’s sponsor said the measure lacked enough support to pass. […]

Minimum wage meeting dominated by opponents

  DOVER — The arguments against raising the state’s minimum wage were both economic and philosophical. During an informal meeting discussing hotly debated legislation, small-business owners maintained raising minimum pay requirements would lead inevitably to layoffs and higher prices that would affect everyone, among other negatives. Approximately 50 stakeholders spent about 45 minutes discussing the […]

Wages on minds of business owners at luncheon

  WYOMING — Residents, business owners and community leaders had a chance to voice their concerns to Gov. Jack Markell during a luncheon at Hall’s Family Restaurant Thursday afternoon. The event was organized by Rep. Lyndon Yearick, R-Camden. “This is the second year that I put this together,” Rep. Yearick said. “It’s a great opportunity. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Trickle-down’ ideas only lead to economic insanity

It was disturbing, but not surprising, to see the column on Feb. 19 which purported to have discovered the key to promoting economic growth and prosperity in Delaware. [“A smarter economic pathway for Delaware”] The authors’ recipe for “success” was a rehashing of the same policies that have repeatedly failed for the past 100 years: […]

MINIMUM WAGE DEBATE: Plan spells disaster for Delaware businesses

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Delaware’s Senate recently voted to raise the state minimum wage to $10.25, and the motion now heads to the House for approval. If passed, it’s unlikely the goal posts will remain there for long. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Robert Marshall is leading a drive to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour–a more […]

MINIMUM WAGE DEBATE: Hike is the bale that broke the camel’s back

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In the past two years, Delaware businesses have seen major increases in their health care insurance: some as much as 30 percent each year. They have seen an increase in unemployment insurance. They have also seen increases in the costs to do business due to increased regulations requiring more fees for things such as permits. […]

MINIMUM WAGE DEBATE: Enacting Senate Bill 39 is ‘too much, too soon’

Sen. Brian Bushweller

Several constituents have asked why I voted “not voting” on SB 39, the minimum wage bill recently passed by the Senate. I would like to explain my vote. SB 39 passed the Senate by a vote of 11 yes, 8 no, 1 not voting and 1 absent. I was the one who voted “not voting.” […]