Are we in pursuit of truths, or reinforcement of beliefs?

DOVER — The title of the presentation immediately grabbed this editor’s interest: “Fake News, Fraud, and Honest Error: The Psychology of Belief.” Joan DelFattore, whose bio says she is professor emerita of English and legal studies at the University of Delaware and holds a doctorate in English and master’s in clinical psychology from Penn State […]

‘The Post’ celebrates First Amendment win

DOVER — Today’s column is not meant to be a film review, but rather an ode to the First Amendment and an old friend of the Delaware State News. Last weekend, this editor took in “The Post” — starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks — and found it to be quite a thrilling story about […]

Salisbury, Md., sports editor passed on newspaper passion

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines and deadlines… *** We received some sad news from Salisbury, Maryland, on Friday. Rick Cullen, a sportswriter and sports editor for 32 years at the Daily Times, passed away. Mr. Cullen was a great influence on this editor, as well as Delaware State News reporter Craig Anderson. […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you enjoy today’s edition and its “stuffings.” It should help the serious Black Friday shoppers develop a game plan for their retail adventures. As discussed in Sunday’s “From the Editor,” this is our heaviest issue of the year. It approaches three pounds with all the “stuffings.” In order to meet the additional demands […]

Clicking, clacking sounds mean Santa is on his way

DOVER — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Delaware State News. On Friday, this editor went out to the Delaware Printing Company side of our plant to see how the Thanksgiving stuffing was going. There was a lot of clicking and clacking going on around the inserting and stacking equipment. On […]

Newpaperman Farrow was a ‘treasure’ in Harrington

HARRINGTON — Harry G. Farrow Jr. was a lifelong Harringtonian, American Legion member, mayor in the early 1980s and harness racing enthusiast. All that’s about as Harrington as you can get. He was once the owner, publisher and editor of The Harrington Journal. That, especially, made him a friend of the Delaware State News and […]

We’ve been keeping it real since 1953

DOVER — Welcome to “National Newspaper Week.” It starts today, and the theme is “Real Newspapers … Real News.” We have been keeping it real here at the Delaware State News since 1953. That’s when we became the first capital daily in the First State. We have dedicated ourselves since to publishing a newspaper “of, […]

Delaware State News to roll out new format Tuesday

DOVER — On Tuesday, you’ll notice a difference in your Delaware State News. We’re getting taller. Three inches in page height, to be exact. The width is the same, as is commitment to local news coverage. On the news side, we welcome the 25 percent larger canvas to improve page design and presentation of the […]

We welcome letters, but must verify names

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines and deadlines … *** The May 26 edition of the Delaware State News ran a letter to the editor with the headline, “Clean Dover up before producing a short film.” The reason we mention that today is that it fell short of our standards for a letter […]

Thank you for exercising your right to Sound Off

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines and deadlines… *** So far this year, we have enjoyed the public discussions that have been taking place on our Opinion pages. We believe those pages belong to our readers, so you’ll not find us taking a stance on issues and telling our readers what to think. […]

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