LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Schools need to stay out of personal lives of children

In regard to the revised version of Regulation 225, I am still highly offended and angered by this proposal in any form. The very Liberal Delaware Department of Education is trying to gain control of our children’s minds any way they can for their own liberal purposes. I have given this matter much thought and […]

Guest Opinion: It’s the right time for budget reform

As we head into the critical final week of this year’s legislative session, we have a generational opportunity to begin to fix a budget crisis that has seen a $400 million deficit in 2017 followed by a $400 million-plus increase in spending in 2018. These massive fluctuations in revenue and spending are not good for […]

Special Education Parent Councils in Capital District

Three years ago, Delaware Gov.Jack Markell signed Senate Bill 33 into law. Among the many changes to Delaware special education, one of the key facets of this legislation was the following: • 3125. Parent Councils. Each school district and charter school enrolling any child with disabilities shall, on an annual basis, contact the parents of […]

The old days

There has never been an ideal time in our nation’s history. However, there has been episodic instances were inheritors of privilege have reached back and given a hand to those less fortunate. Case in point, Rep. George Carey, a major agri-business icon annually planted and assortment of greens and vegetables that he provided to the […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President Trump vs. Philadelphia Eagles

  As a strong President Trump supporter and a strong Philadelphia Eagles fan I am saddened by President Trump’s decision to rescind the invitation to the 2017 Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. It was a major faux pas on the president’s part! However, it should be noted that the NFL players should exhibit respect for […]

Letter to the Editor: College advice for new high school graduates

Around this time every year, high school gymnasiums and football stadiums are filled with seniors wearing caps and gowns. While graduations mark the end of a formal education for some, they’re just the beginning for others. After the Pomp and Circumstance stops, at least two-thirds of Delaware’s seniors will enter an institution of higher education […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where are the children?

  Just image your 4-year-old child being torn from your arms by state officials while he is desperately crying and your heart is broken into pieces, and you are not told where he will be taken. Think of the odds being very high this child may never be reunified with you. And know that this […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute a community gift

During National Teachers Week I saw a piece on the 11 p.m. news praising two teachers at a high school near Philadelphia for work above and beyond to help students become better people. It caused me to think about the many teachers I have had who were exceptional. Some were professional educators, many were not. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A message to our youth

It seems each time I read, hear or watch the news, the matters of our society and world are askew. Blatant racist, offensive remarks boldly and tactlessly spewed, lives disregarded by uniforms designed to protect and serve, a justice system that requires serious attention and reform in many areas, questionable leadership at every level who […]

The culprits behind high prescription drug prices

Out-of-pocket health care costs rose by 3.9 percent in 2016, according to a new report by Health Affairs. That was the fastest rate of growth in nine years. And in 2016, national health care costs hit a new record — consuming about 18 percent of the GDP. Everyday consumers are struggling to keep up. Two […]